Main Information

Mel Pose

Name: Mel

Species: Offspring Identity

Age: 16

Residence: Iron Identity Homebase

Occupation: High School student, ID in Training

Position: Trainee

Ethnicity: Mercian(Irish-American in a sense)


Mel is a 4,3 foot tall Identity with dark grey shell-like skin.  She has short red hair with a long bang over her blue and purple eyes.  She normally wears an orange and grey short-sleeve hoodie with a white undershirt and long sports-shorts with single orange stripes at the center going upward.  Her feet have single striped from the toes up toward her knees.  Her hands normally take the form of nubs with thumbs though she can form fingers.


Mel grew up in the Overlander country of Mercia, thinking she was a regular human girl for most of her life.  She came in contact with an identity named “Kenfi Idens” who later revealed that Mel was in fact an Identity.  With her life changed soon after by batltes on her homeworld, she went with Kenfi to join up with the other Iron Identities.


Family Members

Mel has a human step-mother that is now deceased, but knows not who her actual Identity mother or possibly father are.


Mel doesn’t have many friends, but Kenfi acts as her mentor.


Mel’s team fights against a villain known as “Virus” but she has no personal rivals.

Romantic Interests

Some time before, Mel was approached by an echidna named “Cyber” who flirted with her for some time before suddenly getting married to some other girl.  Mel wasn’t particularly upset, but more so confused as she never really got to say much in their “relationship”, not fully understanding what her role was meant to be in the “romance”.


Mel has the same biology as any other Identity. She is composed of tiny robot-like sand called “Nanites” that allow her to change into virtually any shape.  She is powered by Chaos Energy, allowing her to channel the energy to use in battle if needed.

Mel is not an experienced Identity.  While she is strong enough to lift a bus or a building, even fly if required, she can’t morph too well, especially into anything complicated, and isn’t particularly powerful when it comes to using her Chaos Powers.  She’s rather durable, but not exactly stable.

Personal Traits


Mel isn’t very responsive toward insults.  She keeps to herself most of the time, and rarely gets upset with anyone.


Mel is very much an Introvert, incredibly shy.  She stammers a lot when trying to make conversation.  She is easily confused, and despite not being easily-offended, she often finds it hard to distinguish insult from teasing.


No specific beliefs are given.



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