Name: Mia

Full Name: Mia Mitchells

Age: 13

Aligment: Good

Personality: Nice, Shy, Funny, Adventerous, Feisty, Outgoing

Love Interest: She took a liking toward Sonic, Tails, and Red after they helped chase Crocbot away from the Dowunda base

Info: She 2nd in command behind Barby Koala in the Dowunda freedom fighter base.

Attire: Blue tank-top, blackopen-fingered gloves blue boots, blue data and abilitiy transfer device

Special Abilitie: Can absorb other peoples powers, and use them for a short time

Abilitie Type: Flight


Growing up, Mia watched and study the freedom fighters and followed them on their adventures. Being to young to join at ten years old, she was put on the waiting list. At age 13 she finally got accepted and she was assigned to the freedom fighting base in Dowunda. Not very happy about being sent to a minor location insted of working with her idols in the knothole freedom fighter she learned to like it. She followed orders from Barby Koala and they developed a special bond and now, not only recognizing each other as reliable partners, they consider themselfs as sisters.

How she devoleped crushes on Sonic, Tails, and Red

Crocbot captured Barby Koala, and Mia was left in charge unable to fight him alone, so she called back up. Red Tails, and Sonic were assigned this mission by Princess Sally, so she was helped and managed to be defeated while rescuing Barby. She devoleped a crush on all three boys, but with Sonic, beind to old and having relations with Amy, Sally, and Mina Mongoose, he was out of the options, now there was Red, having a girlfriend, and being in situation with Fiona also he was elimanated from the options. Now there was Tails, but he had a relation with Barby koala. She chosen him as her crush, so Tails and Mia had a sort of friendship that could elevate to a romantic relationship.