Either i dont like shading anymore or i cant be bothered to o.o;


Name: Mist

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Spieces: Cat

Alingment: Bad/Evil

Ability Type: Speed

Personality: Self-centered, easily annoyed, intelligent, mishcevous, usually plotting a evil plan, sometimes anti social

Likes: Dark colours, quiet, being alone, Shadows for some reason

Dislikes: Bright/Neon colours, loud noises (like bangs, explosions fireworks etc)

Fur colour: Light and dark grey and white fur on her muzzle only

Skin colour: Tan

Eye colour: Blue (same colour as ivy because i was too lazy to find another shade of blue)

Hair colour: Light and dark grey (same colour as her fur)

Friends: Amethyst(shes pretending to be her friend lol), Miguel, Sam, Teikou

Love inerest: Miguel

Neutral: N/A

Rivals: N/A

Enemies: Amethyst(secretly)

Theme: t.A.T.u Perfect Enemy (shes talking about Amethyst in case you cant tell lol)


Mist was the 2nd founder of the gang (lol i have no idea what to call it at the moment, but ill say this now, its the gang that kidnapped Amethyst), therefore is one of the leaders. She usually has the final decision, it was her idea to kidnap Amethyst.

When Amethyst joined the gang, Mist took her under her wing and taught her how to kidnap people. However the student became the teacher and now that Amethyst knows more about kidnapping than Mist, she usually corrects Mist or tells her what to do. Mist now hates Amethyst, with a passion. She wants to kill her and is plotting her plan to "get her out of the way" so she can be the best kidnapper. Mist pretends to be her friend so Amethyst will trust her.