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Peliper 3rd pic
General Information

Age: 16
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Alias: Hokus Pokus (Dark Carnival Name)
Love Interest:
Relationships: Mr Sonitus (Father), Siren/Yvette (Mother), Miss Mallory (Sister), Ms Umbra (Aunt), Felix the Rabbit (Uncle), Agent Carson Johanson (Cousin)
Friends: Creux the Papillon, Ariel the Bat (to an extent ene), Edgar the Seedrian (a companion of his mother), Iris S., Brandy the Snake
Enemies: Tiny the Shark, Slade the Ratel/Rabbit, Cloud the Raven, Tack the mox (despite that she rather enjoys "his" company xD), Sapphire the hedgehog
Theme: Demon Dance by Cheshyre
Secondary Theme(s):

Opera of the Frogs by E-D and Greatest Show Unearthed by Creature Feature

Physical Description
Species: Rabbit
Gender: Male
I.Q. Status: Genius =3

About Mister Peliper

Peliper is an essential member of the Dark Carnival and works as a magician. He also tends to the organization's finances as he has proven to be very savvy with calculations and mathematics ;)


Perfectionist: Peliper has the capability to naturally perform any task "perfectly," including making perfect mistakes. His cunning intellect is also defined as perfect, for he is highly sophisticated for someone of his quaint stature.

Magician: He has visually-based powers in which case can invoke fear and confusion, he often uses his series of merchandise to favor these feats. A few examples would be: using smoke powder to imitate horrifying shapes, pulling disturbing objects out of his hat, or even making himself appear monstrous with the infamous "hand-drop face-switch" technique. Essentially Peliper is a master optical illusionist (able to fool and/or terrify his enemies with his cunning trickery and visual effects).

Slight of Hand: Peliper possesses amazing dexterity and can quickly release a card from his sleeve without being noticed. He commonly uses this technique to cheat in card games.

Combatant: Peliper is also surprisingly proficient in combat with or without weapons, usually able to hold his own against more than one opponent. He can even envision their next move in his mind and counter it when executed. It is unknown where he has inherited these feats, as his predecessors aren't very famous for their fighting tactics.


Ninja star tarot cards (equipped with switchblades), a whip (in which appears to be infinite in length) that he pulls out of his sleeve, a hat that seems to contain numerous supplies, and the cane he carries around practically everywhere he goes is actually a sheath hiding a sword.


Peliper is (above all things) eccentric for someone of his ingenius stature and gives extreme regards for contemporary standards of tidiness and good order. He is near-obsessed with organization and if he finds anything out of place he will immediately find a solution for the problem at hand almost completely ignoring everything else that's happening nearby him. He can be quite selfish and has an ego that at times borders on arrogant-albiet with acute narcissism, not te mention he has a tendency to be deliberately patronizing to people. He's genuinely cunning but obsessively minded, and he loves being acknowledged for his magic tricks.


Peliper doesn't seem to appreciate the concept of ordinary problems, as they tend to bore him; and he hates ameature magicians-for he has mastered a variety of "magic" techniques on his own. He also has a uniquely compulsive aspiration to defeat Sapphire in a game of ingenuity, while her cleverness has consistently proven to be superior than his own he refuses to neglect attesting his intellectual worth.

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