Name: Misty the hedgehog Real Name: Misty Rebecca Smith

Age: 17

Attire: Yellow opened-finger gloves, Yellow headband, yellow/black boots, yellow skirt with black stripes (kinda like Amy's dress)

Othet info: Born in Metal City, has a older sister name Dynasty, her twin. Both have angel wings (same size as Honey)

Attitude/Personality: Helpful, brave, sassy, bossy, ambitious

Father: Red the Hedgehog

Mother: Honey the Cat

Rivals: Dynasty the hedgehog (sister)

Quotes: "Hope you like barby-q" Misty is half Hedeghog and half Cat. She has angel wings just like her mother, Honey. She also has Cat sized ears, but a Hedgehog tail. She has the same attitude as her mother, so is very ambitious and competive. She is also laid-back like her father.


Super Misty: All 7 Chaos Emeralds

Alpha Misty: All 7 Chaos Emeralds and Dark Aura Emerald

Hyper Misty: Only when mudered or near dead...

Misty's days of High School

Misty is a honor roll student who loves sports and always is challenging her sister Dynasty. Whether it's for girls softball... cute boys... Misty is very ambitious and always want to learn new things she has a amazing singing voice that no one except her mother know abouts... And a lot of her father's powers were passed down to her... She can summon fire and ice and even black hole by snapping her fingers. She also has super-speed and can fly, but she only uses it when she has to... She also has a yellow Chao named "Sunshine". Why yellow? That's her favorite color...