Mitena, hand drawn by herself

Full Name: Mitena Weylyn Wolfsebane

Allias: Hero

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Species: Hedge-Wolf (Hedgehog-Wolf Hybrid) Mobian

Alignment: Hero

Appearance: Caramell colored fur and spines, Chocolate brown hair, Blonde streaks in her hair, Silver colored eyes, Pink nose, Peach colored muzzle and belly

Clothes: Earrings, Hair clips, Choker, Long gloves, Two golden bracelets on each arm with small silver colored spikes, Tubetop, Skirt, High-heeled boots.
Mitena In Her Alternate Outfit

This is what Mitena looks like in her alternate outfit :3

Height: 2 ft, 10 in

Weight: N/A

Accent: American

Relatives: Father*, Mother*, Younger Sister*

Personality: Kind, Helpful, Loyal, Sweet, Generous, Embarrassed easily

Personality Flaws: Passive aggressive, Stubborn, Impatient, She has a hard time trusting people, Kleptomaniac, Has a habit of constantly correcting grammer and spelling due to her ability to read and write at a college leval

Likes: Friends, Art, Listening to music, Dancing, Singing, Saving people, Fires, Camping

Dislikes: Spiders, Bloody noses

Favorite Food: Chocolate

Favorite Color(s): Black, Red, Gold

Favorite Book: New Moon

Favorite Movie: Beauty and the Beast

Favorite TV Show: Teen Wolf

Favorite Sport: Ice Hockey

Friends: Manic, Sonic, Sonia, Amy Rose

Acquaintances: Shadow, Rouge, Bunnie, Antoine, N.I.C.O.L.E.

Enemies: Eggman, Scourge, Mephiles, Myna

Anti: Myna the Hedgehog (

Alter Ego: Kuniochi the Hedgehog

Love Interest: Manic the Hedgehog

Chaos: Mitena has three chaos, a white chao named Selania, a red chao named Shaddow and a purple chao named Claire.

Mitena and her pet Chao, Shaddow

Special Forms: Super, Hyper, Dark, Werewolf, Kuniochi

Ability Type: Power

Abilities: Super strength, Speed, Can control the air/wind/weather/sound waves

Speciality: Speed, Strength and Elementalist

Attacks: Whip-Lash Attack, Sonic Spin, Homing Attack, Concussion Attack

Weapons: Pistol, Whip, Dagger (Ninja Stars, Long Sword)

Normal Abilities: Singing, Drawing, Writing, Good with children

Place Of Birth: Somewhere in the mountians outside of New Mobotropolis

Date Of Birth: Unknown

Home: New Mobotropolis

Parents: N/A

Biography: *Will Update Soon*

Theme Songs: Manic by Plumb, Imaginary by Evanescence

Extras: Has iPod on her at all times


“See you later!”

“Can you match my speed?”

“Way to cool for you!”


“Yes! I did it!”

“Don’t count on it!”

“Darkness, like evil, can never fully be blotted out. Because just like we need the night, we also need the evil at times.”

“Its not that I hate being a Werewolf, its that I dislike it with a fiery passion.”

Voice Actor: Brittney Nichols


Mitena’s feet are extremely ticklish.


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