Sick or Well

This is the story on how Eliot became a legendary fighter.

Episode 1.The Invite.

I just finished performing in a concert."We've only just begun and you can't run."I finished singing and playing the guitar.The whole crowd cheered and I went back-stage.Sonic then got my attention."If you ever want to join the band you can."He told me.I smiled weakly.I looked over his shoulder and saw someone in a black cloak.I excused myself and went over to the person."Are you Eliot?"He asked me."Yes I am."I answered.He handed me a shuriken.

"See you."The guy said.I looked at the shuriken."Your welcome to participate in a major fighting tourney."I read.When the concert ended,I went back to my master.I told him about the invite."Hm,seems like you got invited to the same tournament I did once."He told me."Master,did you ever win?"I asked him bowing.

"No,but you must if you want to succeed me."Cen told me.I nodded my head.So I started packing,just a couple of clothes.A few hours later,I was on the pier waiting for the boat that was gonna take me to the tournament.

While waiting,I noticed one of my friends:Janie waiting too,I walked over to her."Oh hi Eliot,I didn't expect to see you here."She told me."Yeah,well it's nice seeing you,bye."I told her as I started to walk away,but she grabbed me by the arm."Oh come on,we haven't seen each other in 3 months and that's all you have to say?"She asked a little upset."Ha ha,just kidding."I replied.

"Ha,you haven't changed a bit."Nice seeing you again."She told me.Soon enough the boat came and we all got on it.After a couple hours,we were brought to a cruise ship.We walked to the main lobby,where we were greeted by the owner and chief of the tournament:Destiny Alex."Welcome to the first ever fighting tournament in Mobius,here you will fight each other in matches to determine the strongest martial artist in the world."She told us.

"Over the next few days you will be pitted against one another to determine the greatest fighter in all of Mobius,the prize for wining is a very special reward,two million dollars."She finished.When she left we started talking."Wouldn't it be cool if one of us won?"Janie asked me.

"I don't really care about the money,I just wanna prove to master that i'm ready to take over his position."I replied."Speaking of who,how is he doing?"She asked."He's fine,better then he's ever been."I said.As we were leaving the lobby,we were given bracelets that told us who we were gonna fight for the first round.We moved into our rooms and went to sleep.

Episode 2.The First Round.