Main Plot:An evil fiend named Gantry Motoskua has appeared on Mobius threatening to destroy all of the planet,now the race to destroy the demon has begun.

Sub-Plot:Eliot's science division has created a clone of Dani,but the clone has taken it upon itself to steal Dani's boy-friend.


Returning Characters

  1. Dani:The winner of the last tournament,she's come back to fight her clone,still using her Karate,she has added Ballet moves into her arsenal.
  1. Felicia:Dani's sister has returned again,hoping that she can talk Dani out of her quest.She has dyed her hair pink so she won't be recognized.
  1. Janie:Eliot's friend has come back to the fighting scene to help take down the Dani clone.
  1. Mileena:She's still a mysterious hedgehog but this time,she seems to be in cohorts with the Dani clone and Gantry.
  1. Eliot:His mistake in creating the Dani clone is haunting him,so he goes through the tournament using the Sanshou style to avoid attention.
  1. Red:He lost to Moka's Father half-way through the last tourney,so he has followed his new rival to this tournament to prove who is the better fighter.
  1. Ace:The super-star bee has appeared to find a "cute boy" and he won't stop until he finds one.
  1. Poison:The prince of demons has returned,and he's still looking for Moka,he came to Sick or Well 2 thanks to a rumor that Moka will be there.
  1. Tom:Guess what,he's back to take down the Dani clone and maybe kill a demon or two.

New Characters

  1. Evan: A boy with connections to one of Dani's friends.he enters the new tournament with his Muay Tai skills to help Dani with her mission.
  1. Kokoa:A new girl who no-one knows,she has intensive skills in the T'ai Chi Quan fighting style.
  1. Makros:Dani's boyfriend.his senses told him that there would be danger at the tourney and so,he comes packed with Xinyi Liuhe Quan moves,he must have known Eliot at some point,for Xinyi Liuhe Quan is similar to Eliot's main art Xing Yi Quan.

Unlockable Characters,not playable in story mode

  1. Mr Lawer:Moka's dad,he's come for his daughter,this time also returning to fight Red again.
  1. Gantry Motoskua:The evil demon and boss of the story,he wants to bring havoc and chaos into the world.




3rd Place:Kokoa.

Fighting Stages

Deserted Fortress.

Sky Gardens.

Eliot's Lab.

Ghost Town.

T.N.T Warehouse 2.

Ocean Arena.

Bad Church.


Rolling Mountain.

Grand Opry.

Steel Inferno.

Japanese Inn.

Old Temple*.


Electric Den.

Desert Flowers.

Eliot's Basement.

Snowy Paradise.

Side Note:The Returning Stage is marked with an *

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