Main Plot:Some-one close to all the fighters has gone through a horrendous change and it's up to the fighters to end his villainy.

Sub-Plot:Dani's clone is still causing trouble,though albeit not so much.


Returning Characters

  1. Dani:Since Dani defeated her clone in the last tournament,Dani has been taking it easy,but now she has entered this all new tourney to kill someone.
  1. Felicia:Dani's older sister was able to put a leash on Dani at the end of the last tournament,but of course,she has joined this tournament to find Dani.
  1. Janie:After helping to defeat a demon,Janie stumbled upon a cryptic message in the invites to Sick or Well 3,realizing the impeding doom,she has entered the tourney.
  1. Mileena:Succeeding in manipulating,the Dani clone,Mileena has entered the tourney to talk to the new threat about a partnership.
  1. Eliot:He realized his mistake and shut down the cloning projects,but he forgot a certain one,and now he has entered his own tournament again to defeat his newest mistake.
  1. Red:Not being able to face Moka's father in the last tourney,he got an invite from Mr.Lawer to face him in the competition,pleased,he enters.
  1. Ace:After not finding a cute boy or winning in the last two tourneys,Ace has entered this one to accomplish both.
  1. Poison:He found Moka in the last tourney going by Kokoa,Poison has talked his girl into fighting in this tourney,just for laughs and fun.
  1. Tom:Dani's friend has all the time in world now that the great evil was vanquished,still he enters the new tourney just in case.
  1. Mr.Lawer:Once he found out that his daughter was safe,he hasn't let her out of his sight,after begging him to let her be in Sick or Well 3,he has decided to join her to keep her safe.
  1. Evan: After failing to protect Dani in the last tourney,he has entered this one to strengthen his skills.
  1. Makros:Dani's boy-friend has had his hands tied trying to keep up with Dani and stopping her antics,but now he enters the tourney with Dani to watch her closely.

New Characters

  1. Chris:Michael's best buddy,he stumbles upon the tournament and joins after seeing that Michael will be in it,he uses She Quan fighting to slide around the arena.
  1. Moka:The girl who was once going by Kokoa,she utilizes her keen Lucha Libre abilities to make everyone in the tourney submit.
  1. Gizmo:A genius in mechanical engineering,he uses a simple form of his own style:Humanoid-Cyborg Combat,he enters to take out the new evil,and he won't let anyone stand in his way.
  1. Mercedes:A Raccoon girl who is new to fighting,but she seems capable with her Capoeira style,watch as she dances around the arena.
  2. ----

Unlockable character,not playable in Story mode

  1. Kokoa:The T'ai Chi Quan girl who was actually Moka,




3rd Place:Moka.

Fighting Arenas

H2O Kingdom.

Night-time Tower.


T.N.T Warehouse*.

Eliot's Lab Mystic Ruins.


Burning Doom.

Frozen Cove.

Steel Inferno*.

Eliot's Mansion.

Discovered Wonder.

Electric Den*.



Prison Match.

Side Note:Returning Stages are marked with an *.

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