Plot:After capturing the Dani Clone,Eliot has begun work on making it better,but something has gone horribly wrong.


Returning Characters

  1. Dani:After hearing about what's happening at Eliot's lab in Station Square,Dani has assembled a team to destroy S.O.W.T.E.C and stop her clone once and for all.
  1. Felicia:She failed in begging Dani not to attack Eliot,but is now hesitantly ready to fight.
  1. Janie:Being the one who made the mistake of creating a clone in the first place,Janie has taken extra steps to make sure the clone does not escape.
  1. Mileena:This slippery hedgehog has an alternate motive for having S.O.W.T.E.C destroyed,she wants a file on Eliot and his investors for an unknown client.
  1. Eliot:The owner and head of the Sick or Well Tourney Executive Committee,he seems to not want the clone destroyed for a reason no-one knows about.
  1. Red:Winning last year's tourney,Red has been enjoying fame,but when the announcement of the clone rose,he set out for Eliot's headquarters.
  1. Tom:Hearing how dangerous the Dani clone could become,Tom leaves his team for another tourney.
  1. Mr.Lawer:Clone Dani caused enough trouble to Moka and his family,now Mr.Lawer wants to kill it to ease their worries.
  1. Evan: After making it to the semi-finals of the last tourney, he has entered this one to tag along with Dani while she is on her mission.
  1. Makros:Although he has tried to talk Dani out of killing her clone,he has given up and has joined her and her gang to the monster's lair.
  1. Chris:Worried that Michael might push himself too far,Chris has been following his bud to ensure he is safe.
  1. Moka:The girl of Lucha Libre is up to something,she got a job in S.O.W.T.E.C in the clone division.Now what could she be planning?
  1. Gizmo:He was on the team for the cloning project and when he deemed the project too dangerous,he was fired by Eliot.Now he wants to give Eliot and his clone a piece of his mind.
  1. Mercedes:Don't let her new pig-tails distract you,she's still a cunning Capoeira fighter,she's joined Dani and the others for a lesson in evil bashing.

New Characters

  1. Kane:The final guy in the trio of Buddies:Michael,Chris and Kane,unlike the other two,his art is the cool and unique art of Monegasque-Gymnastic Street Fighting Style,he joins the tournament to help his pals with their mission.
  1. Sylvia:A girl of many words,her specialty is Sambo Fighting,why she is here,few can say,non the less,she has joined Dani's gang.
  1. Adi:A boy who can't talk,his style of choice is Aikido.He watched Red in the last 3 tourneys and has come all the way to challenge him.

Unlock-able/Guest Characters,not play-able in Story Mode.

  1. Poison:Having found Moka and protected her,he no longer has a reason to join the tourneys.
  1. Kokoa:The girl who was revealed to be Moka with amnesia.
  1. Gantry Motoskua:The evil demon who wanted to end the world,but was stopped by everyone in a previous tourney.
  1. Ace:Despite,not winning last year's tourney,he found himself a cute boy and decided not to enter this tournament.
  1. Sonic:The superstar hedgehog has come to play,he was too late to sign up for the tourney but is still there to fight,he uses the all deadly and lethal Aikijujutsu style.




3rd Place:Gizmo.

Combat Arenas

Internal Lab.

Scary Spot.

S.O.W.T.E.C Grand Stair-case.

Pro Ring.

Dinosaur Zone.

Busy Streets.

Mystic Ruins in Bloom.

Future Airport.

Dani's Hideout.

Savannah Wilderness.

Ocean Market.

Dojo #

Sky High Mountain.

S.O.W.T.E.C Helipad.

Serene Waterfall

Side Note:Those marked with an # are only available for training and not through normal play.

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