Plot: After the mayhem two years at  Mobian Spirit 4. Eliot has fired his Cloning and D.N.A Sequencing divisions to make sure that nothing happens to Mobius,now to commend his success in rebuilding S.O.W.T.E.C,he has decided to hold the fifth Mobian Spirit Tourney,but something evil is lurking in the shadows.


Returning Characters

  1. Dani:After taking a year and a half vacation exploring the jungles of Mobius with Makros,Dani has caught wind of the new tourney and decides to enter in order to track down and kill her clone now known as Gamma-253 who escaped during the last tourney.
  2. Felicia:She's been taking it easy since the last tourney,enjoying the city life,but when she hears of the reconstruction of S.O.W.T.E.C,she's become worried for Dani's safety,so she calls up an old friend to accompany her to the Sick or Well tournament.
  3. Janie:Now in charge of keeping the values of the company,Janie reads of a new origination:F.O.G and fears that some old ghosts will turn up and enters the tourney to investigate.
  4. Mileena:The vixen of the fighters is now working for F.O.G and gathering data on the other branches of S.O.W.T.E.C for her leader,why and for who the leader is,no-one knows,but alas,she still won't let anyone get in her way.
  5. Eliot:The head of the Spirit Of Wellness Tourney Establishment Company is busy planning his new tournament to ensure Mobius,that there is no longer a threat towards their lives coming from his company,but he has a sneaking suspicion of F.O.G's plans.
  6. Red:Failing to take down Dani's clone,Red has been hiding out at home reading about current events in Mobius,that is until he reads of the new tourney and realizes that Gamma-253 will be sure to appear,so he leaves to kick more butt.
  7. Tom:Team Davrit members have been going missing one by one each leaving as clue to who has take them:Knowing that Dani is the only one safe,he answers Felicia's call and watches Dani from the shadows.
  8. Mr.Lawer:Now that all the family drama has died down,he's taking up an interest in singing,he's about to take the stage for a talent show when Moka announces she's going to use the Sick or Well 5 tourney to run for Mayor of Station Square,furious,Mr.Lawer joins the tourney to stop her.
  9. Evan:Finally feeling strong,he goes home to live with his new roommate:Gizmo,one day while fighting over food,they find out about Eliot's new company and decide to go and thrash it for the heck of it.
  10. Makros:After getting home from his vacation,he spends the days with Dani or watching t.v. ,but when Dani leaves him a note asking him to meet her at SOW 5,he starts packing right away.
  11. Chris:With Evan gone and Kane bugging him to death,Chris decides to go missing in order to escape Kane's questions,but while hiding he hears of the new tournament and enters,not knowing that Kane has been following him.
  12. Moka:She's back and is now focusing on getting herself a career,after passing on the easiest jobs,she decides to run for mayor of Station Square and enters SOW 5 to gain publicity.
  13. Gizmo:Taking Evan up on his offer to thrash S.OW.T.E.C,he hides the fact that he's going for a new and secret reason.
  14. Mercedes:The dancing darling is busy teaching others the joy of Capoeira and has entered the tourney to prove to them how fun it can be.
  15. Kane:Knowing that Chris would enter the tournament to escape his questions:Kane enters to make him answer them all.
  16. Sylvia:The girl who never stops talking has decided to join the all new tournament with the front-runners of the last tourneys to get an interview from them all.
  17. Adi:The boy who can't talk has had enough of not being able to talk and enters to gain money for a special surgery to gain the ability to speak.

New Characters

  1. Iron:Mercedes' ex-husband and a newbie at MMA fighting has entered to defeat Mercedes and make sure she's moved on from him.
  2. Faith:Another of Eliot's friends and a gal of Hapkido,she enters to run Eliot's new Battle Gear testing division and keep him safe.

Guest Characters,not available in story mode

  1. Mario:The plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom has come to Mobius to spar and play with his rival and friend Sonic:he uses the art of Bartitsu. to punish enemies.
  2. Sonic:He's back with his Aikijujutsu style to play with Mario and the others.
  3. Peach:The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom:A dainty and kind princess:She enters the tourney to back up her man:Mario and have fun with Amy,she uses the style:Baguazhang.
  4. Amy Rose:Sonic self-appointed girlfriend and user of Jeet Kune Do,she's come to take down Sonic and make him marry her.

Non-special character,not available in story mode

  1. Poison:Knowing that Moka can take care of herself,he still enters the new tourney to have some and if he is allowed break a few bones.




3rd Place:Iron.

Combat Arenas

  1. Lab Elevator.
  2. Arctic Penguin Arena.
  3. Pro Ring.
  4. Forest River.
  5. Dani's House.
  6. Oil Station.
  7. War Street.
  8. Flower Power.
  9. Construction Junction.
  10. Circus.
  11. Sea Pier.
  12. Temple of the Crane.
  13. Forest Shrine.

Note:For the update of this fan game;check out Mobian Spirit 5:The Remix it has new characters,stages and some old characters also return.

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