This is a collection of Short Stories that anyone can edit.As long as they don't vandalize,or spam the page.

Story 1.Dani's New Job.

I was sitting in my living room just watching t.v. I know what your thinking,why aren't I saving a world. Well the answer is simple,nothing's been going on recently.I flipped through the channels and couldn't find anything,Just then,my parents came into the room and noticed what I was doing. This was usually not good news for me, because whenever they saw me doing "nothing", often they would give me an unpleasant task or chore.

"Danielle,why are you just sitting there,why aren't you outside playing with your friends?"Dad asked,"Because,all my friends are gone,they decided to go on a vacation."I told him."Well,here's an idea,why don't you get a job?"Mom asked.

"Why would I wanna do that?"I replied."Because it might give you something to do.'She answered.Well I figured I could give it a try,I mean it's not like it was gonna make me any more bored.So after searching,I found a job at the local mall at the food court selling pizzas.

"Well,this is weird.'"I told myself.I made the pizzas and then I served and waited on the costumers.Later at the malls closing time.I changed into my clothes and headed home."You know,I might enjoy this."I said smiling.

When I got home,mom and dad asked me how my first day of work was."It was great,I now have something I can do until and when my friends get back."I said I hugged both of them and we ate dinner.

Story 2.Practice.

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