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Seven years ago,seven heroes were sent by the Freedom Fighters United squad,to defeat a deadly evil called the meterex. Sonic,Tails,Knuckles,Shadow,Red,Manuel and Crash Tekna. They have finally defeated the army of mrterex and are headed home... "Red must you take that devilish device everywhere you go?" Shadow asked,covering his ears. "Yea and all you listen to is: Katy,Victoria and Britney.!!" Manuel added on. Sonic rolled his eyes with a smirk" you shouldn've have said that" he told them. Red turn his ipod to maxium volume. Shadow and the others groaned.

They safely landed on mobius. They were quite in shock, wgen they saw foggy air, and abandoned buildings. " Okay nice going tails we landed on the planet!" red yelled. " No, this IS Mobius! Honest!" he pleaded. Suddenly sonic saw something he walked to a lamp post with Dr. Eggman's photo on it, standing next an uknown figure` He showed to others: no one exchanged words, They just took off in different directions.

In Riversteed City, red had just arrived, he ran to his castle only to find the place were he called home, completly destroyed. He rumaged through heaps of rubble searching fpr his family.

He searched the abandoned peices of

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