Mobius high is a high Shcool in the kingdom acorn for people to master there powers of Speed,Streanth,Flight And any other ability. It was founded by Sir Gregory Hedgehog, And his wife Mary Acorn In the 1800'S of mobius. It is run by the royal high rule of King Sonic (Sonic in the future of mobius) and the royal court of acorn.


During the sucsess period of mobius joning forces Many people started using there powers but could not control Them. During this time, Sir Gregory hedgehog and his wife, Mary of the house of acorn found an old abandond house. They got the town together and built a small shcool house for helping children find there powers. Upon this being discovered by the king of mobius at the time. He ordered thet the shcool should be for the hole planet and made that shcool Mobius High Scool Of Powers. After reconstructing it, Sir Gregory Heedgehog and his Wife were awarded the full suport from the high councle of mobius. They turnbed down the offer and simply said We just whant the children to be happy. During Mobius year 30002 The shcool desided it to be only a high shcool and broke the shcool into the elementry shcool of mobius and High School of mobius.

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