&nbsp Name: Montague J. Beazley

Age: 37

Quotes: "Well, well well. It seems that you won't give up too easily. No matter, I'll break you somehow..."

Likes: Money, Wealth, Power

Job Status: Leader of the Mobius Mafia

Alignment: Evil

Attire: Black 3-piece suit

Fur & Hair: Red

Montague has the power to control time, which he uses a small gold stopwatch for.

Personality: Evil, manipulative, dark, cunning

About Montague

Montague is a cunning, mature, doublecrosser. He's the ruthless leader of the Mobius Mafia too. He is mature, manipulative, and very proper. He's the type who doesn't crack under torture and would rather sell out his own teamates before he'd sell out himself. His time powers make it quite easy to steal things from others, and he usually stays in the background, while his workers steal for him. They're the 2nd prime target (aside from the N.S.S.) of S.P.O.M. and actually have been so even before S.P.O.M. encountered the N.S.S.

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