Female Sonic Character Base by xXWhiteAcropolisXx

Moonrose the Cat

Name: Moonrose the Cat

Alias(es): None

Age: 12-16 (No confirmed reports detail her exact age)

Gender: Female

Species: Hedge-cat/Mobian

Fur: White and red

Hair: None

Skin: White

Eyes: Light hazel

Attire: Red sleeveless turtleneck, blue pocketless jeans, no-frame glasses

Relatives: Rocket the Hedgehog(Dad), Pastel the Cat(Mom), JJ the Hegehog(Brother), Petal the Cat(Aunt),

Chill the Cat(1st Cousin), Arcti Circuit the Cat-Wolf(2nd cousin), Hector the Cat(Son), Akira Terrensmith(Husband) *= deceased

Afflications: None known

Alignment: Good, although she seems to follow whoever she thinks is right

Abilities: Reality warping(to an extent) with her Golden Pencil, flight by hidden angel-like wings, standard Mobian abilities sugh as the Spin Dash, Cartoon Physics(whenever she's not serious)

Likes: Living, being abnormal, her friends and family, the fact that she's a hybrid and no one can tell, seeing the world at peace

Dislikes: Turmoil, Midnight the Hedgehog, Haze the Fox, people wacky-er than herself, seeing her loved ones scared of her