Mora the swallow
Mora is 18 year old bird who enjoy's kidnapping.Mora was raised by a evil famly but up until she was 12 she loved books and wore glasses.She is also cool headed and smooth she has the ability to teleport,She has a great power called the "The scream" Which she can use to fight,It is so loud that your ears might bleed.Mora has her weakness's too such as water (like being in rain or in a pool)The reason is that her bones can't stand the water and could get crushed.


She has two ponytails, She has small bangs, And long beak, She has a purple shirt, Dark pink skirt, and long black pants, She has red and white shoes.


Mora is cool headed and smart, Though she get's annyoed very easily, She can get very lonely and regret's what's has done in the past, She can get very crazy at times aswell, Though she is evil and crazy, She has a good side (Which she never shows) She has a kind heart deep down in side, But intends to hide it alot.


Name: Mora "Dansk" Swallow

Nickname(s) Sexy lady(By Jade) Ms kidnapper(by Eggman)

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Likes: Kidnapping,Boys,Being sneaky,Having slaves

Dislikes: Failing,Doing work,Her captives escaping,Losing to a battle

Voice Actor: Princess Candance(mlp)

Theme: Golden sky[1]


Lasytrc the bat(piemaster234)Nightmare the pony,Eggman,Ed(Brother)mona(Mother)Nuka(Father)

Love interest: No one yet

Neutral: I dunno

Rivals: Everyone


Mora was raised by an evil family,Her brother enjoyed stealing,Her mother enjoyed mrudering,Her father enjoyed kidnapping for stuff.Mora wasn't really evil though she enjoyed reading books! anybooks.It is the reason why she is so smart and tricky.When Mora justed turned 13,Her father was arrested and killed.Even though her father was evil She loved him very much and was heartbroken when she heard from her father.Something changed in Mora that day,In memony of her father she will kidnap for the rest of her life.When Mora turned 14 she joined a special school for kidnapping.At first she wasn't good at it in fact they used her for explame to teach the others.During the years she went she kept reading books to help her.She learned to teleport and to tie things.Mora later gratulated from school when she was 17 almost 4 years of going to school.Mora felt proud and knew her father would be too.She looked for her first hostage.She choose and kidnapped Sonic.But later her got away.Mora was determined to keep kidnapping!

Base used!

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