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Mysteries Within The Shadows: Chapter 1 (Private roleplay with Silverknight01)

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Note: This is the remake of the older public roleplay, but in a private form.

Part One: Into the unknown

- It is a nice brisk and warm morning in a small town near the border of the Mobian desert. The population there begun their normal day as they walk around the town, while the others that are visiting the town went to the nearby park to enjoy the weather.-

..Iquis happened to be one of those visitors. Today was kind of an off day for the arctic wolf, and he had completely ruined a potion by adding a Euphorbia limb into the mix instead of a Saguaro cactus. In his defense, both looked very similar. But none the less, he still had to go collect the ingredients to try again. So, the very pale wolf ended up cutting through the town park, in attempt to save time. "Hopefully town shops be open.." He thought.

- A line of shops begun to appear in the distance, along with some side shops and carts. Some of them were just beginning to open up or moving things to the front. A pleasant smell begun to fill the air as a shop nearby began to cook some food.-

The wolf seemed to slow his hurried pace for a moment to stop and just enjoy all the different elements of the shops. It was quite relaxing. Sighing as he glanced at the sun.. He still had plenty of time. A mind is no use to a man scrambled. So, with clear thoughts, he continued down the road in search of a botany or herb store. His cape gently kicking up dust as it dragged along the road. 

-Down the road there is an older shop that seem to be different then the other, it had multiple style of plants in the front as they enjoy the sun rays. A small girl waters the plants as a bag is slung around her hips as it carried multiple herbs and food like objects.-

The wolf seemed relieved at the sight of the girl's shop. He quickly made his way to the front of her store. "Pardon me, Mizz. Do you have Saguaro cactus?" Iquis inquired. His thick accent had hints of Russian here and there. But the most obvious thing was that he butchers his words.

- The young girl turns around and her appearence to be that of a mobain Tanuki. but her hieght was a bit taller. She wears a summer style dress with a green apron over it. Looking towards the wolf, "Uh..Saguaro Cactus..?" She thinks for a second and realizes, "why yes we do have some, right this way." Picking a few more things she begins to walk into the store. -

"Ah, 'tankyou." Iquis carefully navigated about, trying his best to avoid the different flowers for fear he might knock one over.

- Inside the store was a bit more different than any other ordinary business, in the beginning part the roof was a bit open to allow the bright sun light to hit the lush gardens of herbs, flowers, and other plants. As she continues to go on an old gentleman lurks in the back as he watches, his cane keeps the door from closing as he watches them. "Here they are", the young girl says as she picks up a small sack of them and hands it to the wolf.-

"Excellent. What may I pay in return for kind services?" Iquis asked. The sunlit room only further exaggerating his pale complexion.

- "Hmm, come this way and I will see what the payment will me", she says as she heads to a couner with a bunch of flyers attached to it. -

Out of the corner of his eye Iquis noticed the flyers, and he attempted to read on of them as he slowly passed by.

- The note read: "Offering a $2,000 reward in helping for the search of two missing...", the rest appeared to be worn out as if it has been there for awhile. The young girl brings out a book and started looking at the prices, but turns and looks at the older gentleman. "Papa I don't see Saguaro Cactus on here?", she says to him as he begins to walk to her. - 

Iquis stratched the back of his head for a moment, backing up to read the flyer once more. "Say. Who went missing? I am sorry, I am visitor to town, I have yet to become accustomed to life here." 

- The girl stops as he says that as she stared into the book as the old man places a hand on her shoulder. "My parents went missing..when I was very young..", she says to him. -

A hand unconsciously flew to his mouth as he lightly gasped. "Ah! I am very sorry!" He flustered.

- She shakes her head, "it fine, I donno why it is still up..none ever replied to the flyer..." She opens the book again as the older gentlman listens to them.-

The wolf tapped his foot for a moment. With a dilemma on his hands.. Vera Nuji would surly understand.. "..Perhaps I could help look for them?" Iquis said, making up his mind.

- Hearing this she quickly drops the book as she goes to the counter, "you're want to help me!?" The older gentleman grunts as he goes over as he places a hand on her shoulder. "I know you want to help her stranger..but you must promise something..", he says in a raspy voice. -

The wolf's ears perked up at this. "This I can do for you, what is it you ask of me?" He inquired respectfully.

- The older gentleman goes and digs into his pocket as he brings out a small journal, then moves towards the wolf in a limping manner and hands it to him. "Follow what is in here, and bring her back to me safely..", he says to him. -

"..." Iquis gingerly handled the book, for fear it might crumble in his very hands. "I will in the best of my ability." the ghostly wolf replied gravely.

- "Good..", he says as he hands the young girl a set of keys. "Take the family jeep, it will get you to where you two need to well as some survival gear just in case..", he says to her. Hearing this she hugs him as she looks to Iquis, "shall we go?"-

Shooing away any doubts he might of still had, he inhaled a deep breath and sighed. "Yes. We'll find them. I'm sure of it." Iquis determined. "Now, where is this 'jeep?"

"This way", she says as she gestures him towards the back of the shop as she walks towards a back door.-

Holding his staff up so it wouldn't bump into anything, he once again scooted out of the shop after the young girl. "Considering fact that we will be working together, What is your name?"

- "My name is Lexy Wusten, but you can call me Lexy for short", she says smiling to him as she opens the door and goes towards an old looking jeep. "What is yours?", she asks him. -

Before he replied, he set his heavy staff down since they were in a wider room. "Well. I am known as Iquis.. Also called Iquis for short." He replied in a silly manor, by bowing and waving his hand repeatedly. When he stood back up there was a twinkle of humor in his eyes. "Well then, Lexy. I am guessing I must drive?"

- "It is nice to meet you as well Iquis", she says as she jokingly as she looks at him. Think, "do you know how to drive?", she says as she tosses him the keys. She jumps into the jeep as she waits, "waiting", she says in a joking tone. -

"We don't exactly 'drive' where I live." He chuckled a bit. "Me driving would be like jumping into fire. I Usually have different mode of transportation.." Iquis said. Reaching for his belt, he plucked a clear spherical bottle from it. Inside the bottle was a swirling liquid of sorts. "So. Where do we need to go?"

- She shrugs but was interested in his transportation method, "maybe there is something in the journal my father gave you that gives us a location?" She jumps out of the jeep and walks up to him. -

His hands was currently full of things. Sighing in brief annoyance, and whispered an unintelligible sentence. With two taps of his staff, the golden pole shrunk into something the size of a toothpick. In which Iquis promptly shoved into a coat-pocket before carefully handling the book that he was given. Flipping it open, he started to skim the booklet's contents.

  • The book seems to be that of an old journal as the pages turned a bit tinted yellow. Through the skimming showed many unknown dates and time, but between a few pages in the middle revealed a newer sliver piece of paper that said "Mobian Desert a little out of the town." Behind the sliver also revealed and interesting photo of three people, one was female wolf and the other two were males appeared to be canine like.*

- Lexy waits patiently as she was amazed of what he did with his staff. -

"Oh good, this picture will be very helpful. Very helpful indeed." He declared, snatching it from the book and carefully closing it shut. "You don't have fear of heights, do you?" Iquis asked, glancing at the girl as he unscrewed the bottle.

-She shakes her head, "no, why?"-

The cap finally came free and the bottle rattled in Iquis's hand a moment. "..Because of.. "This." He said. With a great whistling a gusting wind came out from the bottle and circled the room restlessly. Picking up loose papers and even small objects. It was a graceful tornado of wind, that seemed anxious to get out of the cramped space. "Hold on to anything that could fall off!" Iquis called over the great rushing wind.

-She looks in amazement as she gathers her personals and held onto her dress as she watches. "What is this Iquis?", she says in ah. -

"A wind jet stream extracted from a time and place mostly forgotten. Costed an arm and a leg to get ahold of this.." He answered through the wind. "Take us away, to the place we wish to be!" Iquis called to the breeze. Holding the picture up. Moving to the door in a great surge, the wind busted it open and formed a jet stream path into the sky. Walking to the door, Iquis motioned for Lexy to hop on the path.

-She was a bit shocked as she watches this, "now that is cool", she says to him as she goes and hops onto the jet stream. -

Almost instantly, the stream guided her swiftly down its little path. Iquis was gliding not too far behind her. "We'll be there in no time!" He yelled through the wind.

- "Wooo this is cool and alright!", she says as she follows-

Part Two: The Unwanted Encounter:

Pretty soon, they had both landed in the middle of the desert. The first thing Iquis did was bottle the wind again. In which he tied the bottle to his belt. The next thing he did was turn his staff back to its normal size. From there he shed his heavy winter coat from himself and tied it around his waist. "Whew. Pretty hot here."

-Upon arriving the desert the sands slowly moved a bit as rocky mountains and hard terrains covered the landscapes. The reddish sands move along like waves moving along the surface of the sea.-

-Relaxing a bit after getting to the middle of the desert she fixes her hair a bit. "Yes it is quite hot here..", she says as she looks around. She the looks to him, "well we are here...but are we close to the area...?"-

"Mmm. Hard to tell one place from another when it all looks the same." He replied, checking the picture he had again.

-As he checked the picture, it had the female wolf and two canine looking figures, but the background appeared to be near a rocky area with two roughly made shack in the distance.-

He then glanced up at his surroundings for comparison.

-Looking at the surroundings it is very sandy, but within the distance, a line of small mountain peaks can be seen. It appears to be an hour walk from where you are, across the vast sea of sand.-

Iquis sighed. "Its times like this when you wish.. That you knew more magic." With that, the carefully tucked the picture into a back pocket in his pants. "It looks like we need to walk. Those mountains are where we need go." Iquis pointed.

-Lexy looks into that direction as she sees the mountains, "over there...alright." She begins lifting her leg as she walks through the sands, but as she does..she accidently kicks up a shard of some type with wires coming off of it. "What the?", she says looking down on it.-

"Oh? What is that?" Iquis asked. Intrigued, he bends down to examine Lexy's find..

-"The shard glimmers a bit as it gives off an obsidian color when examines. It laid in a thin metal casing as tubes and wires wrapped around in certain spots. A thin strain of wires that exit one side goes into the sands.-

-"Huh, it looks pretty", she says as she starts to dig a little near the wires.-

Iquis was more interested in the wires that fed out into the sands. Using the end of his staff like a blunt shovel, he dug around the wires to take a closer look. "Where does this lead to...?" He asked. Still clueless.

-As the sands depart, a metal skull in the shape of a raccoon can be seen as rust is visible.-

-"What is that!", she says in a high pitch.-

The wolf tensed. "Uh. Looks like skull. Is there entrance?"

-Looking over Lexy uses her feet to move more of the sand around to reveal a mangled body of steel and wires. Next to the mangled body of a machine laid a weapon of some sort and a torn shirt.-

"Technology." Iquis shuddered. picking up the weapon looking thing.

-As the weapon is picked up, a strange feeling is felt as if the area felt very cold. Then the shard began to faintly glow as little sparks flew from some of the wires.-

-"Uhh...Iquis..?", says Lexy as she points to the shard. -

"Mnnn? What sort of magic is this??" Iquis asked, trying to figure out what on earth was going on.

-"Magic..magic is just the beginning of things young", a voice says as the shard pulsates. As the voice is heard the area begins to get a bit darker as a mist begins to form around them, but a figure can be seen near them as it wears a black cloak.-

Iquis flinched, and instinctively shielded Lexy with his body from the front. "Eh? And what else could there be?" The wolf called out, guardedly.

-The figure raises a hand as the surroundings became pitch black, "what else..death..chaos...destruction...vengeance maybe.." He removes the hood of his cloak to reveal a half dead raccoon anthro like face. "But enough talk, for now, hand me that shard there!", he says as he points to them.-

The pale wolf glanced from the shard, to Lexy, then back to the figure. His grip around the shard tightening, cautiously eyeing the stranger. "..Why would I do that?" Iquis challenged. Holding his head high.

- He looks at him as he grins to the pale wolf as he watches the young girl. "Oh you weak pathetic being, why do you think I will tell you? You don't know the power you're gripping onto", he says point at him. -

Iquis flinched a bit, the stranger's words cutting him ever so slightly. "..weak..' Was trying hard not to let those words hurt him. But being 'weak' would always be a constant fear of his. "..Lexy, grab the wind vile from my jacket." Iquis whispered calmly.

-A bit scared of the figure she grabs the wind vile as he said as she looks at the figure. "What is he..", she says to him as he begins to slowly laugh at the pale wolf, "does it hurt?" -

"What do you mean?" Iquis asked, masking his feelings the best he could, setting his eyes into an icy glare.

-"Don't play me as a fool, I can sense your feelings within your mind. I can tell by your very mind it has cut you like a knife's edge", he says as he comes closer. "Now enough talk hand me that crystal", he says as he goes to grab it. -

Iquis jolted backward. Clutching the crystal close to his chest. "Arena inspiratione!" He half yelped. Taking a few more steps backward. In a flash of silvery light. The ground shook and from the depths of below, came a huge blast of wind. Creating a geyser like wall of sand between the two. "LET'S GET OOOUT." Iquis cried. Grabbing Lexy's hand and making a run in the opposite direction of the creepy man.

-Feeling his hand, but in a bit of shock of what happened, she runs with him. "Where are we going to go?", she yells out as she runs.

The figure grins as he waits behind the geyser-like wall as he nowhere where to run. "Run little ones..I will find you."-

"I have yet to figure vat one out!" Iquis replied. Knowing that the wind spell wouldn't last long. "We need to hide crystal!"

-As they run, a few buildings can be seen in the distance. The ruins look safe enough to hide in for the time being.-

"Look, 'der! We vill hide in there!" Iquis pointed to the closest building. He wasn't running at full speed for the sake of Lexy, who was slightly slower than he. "..Just a bit further." He assured.

- Trying to keep up, Lexy continues to attempt to sprint as she glances back. "Right, those buildings look safe", she says as she grips his hand.-

In a few moments, the sand geyser sputtered, and wheezed. Before it's powerful gust died, sending a shower of sand in the air, before falling to the ground in silence. "Aaaaah.. That's no good." Iquis murmured. Ears flattening. As the wolf sensed the end of his spell. He quickly scooped Lexy up into his arms, and bolted across the sand. Kicking up chunks of earth behind him.

- The dark cloaked figure begins to laugh as he watches them, "run little", he says as he walks forward. -

-One of the small buildings looked very close as it could help them avoid their sight.-

Iquis practically dived for the little building. Staying behind the structure to avoid the dangerous gaze of the stranger. The wolf was panting. Clearly not used to exerting himself like that.

-Lexy follows behind as she tries to control her breathing, "what is he.." She calms her tone as she tries to attempt to calm down so the strange man wouldn't hear her. -

"I'm not sure." Iquis gasped. Trying to steady his breathing. "..I can't sense anything when around him." the wolf whispered loudly.

-The area becomes quiet as if everything 'have' settled down. The winds calmly sweep by as the area is remaining silents.-

The wolf fell silent as well, ears twitching at the slightest hint of movement. He put an index finger up to his pursed lips, silently shushing Lexy.

-She nods as a sound is heard nearby, but the sound seems to be from behind them. "Uh...Iquis do you hear that..", she says in a bit of a scared tone.-

Iquis bit his lip, then nodded in response. Grasping Lexy's hand gently, He whispered something in a string of unintelligible mumbles. Looking dead ahead at the top of the tallest building in the distance. The air around the two shimmered, and wrapped around them like fabric. The surrounding area suddenly turned hazy. In mere seconds, the pair.. (and quite a lot of sand) was promptly dumped onto the top of the building Iquis had been eyeing.

-A bit stun she shakes her head after becoming hazy to realize where they were and says quietly, " that was cool". Cough a bit due to the amount of sand she gets up a bit as she looks around.-

-The area becomes quiet as if the weird figure just vanished, disappearing after the were placed onto the roof.-

Iquis managed a small, strained smile. "Ehe. Trick of the trade." He grunted. The wolf looked tired already. But he still maintained his usual poise. "We need to move."

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