Nadia the Seedrian


Nadia is a female Seedrian who lives on Mobious. However, her exact birthplace is unknown, nor is her family, except that she was seperated from an older brother when she was younger. She lives with Lantis the Fox and Jamie the Cat, along with Lantis's little sister Lola. She is part of Team Fun with Jamie and Lantis. The trio are the best of friends.

Basic information

Name: Nadia

How to pronounce name: Nar-dee-a (Like "Narnia" but the second N is a D)

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Species: Seedrian

Team: Team Fun

Theme:I'll be there by the Jackson 5

Connections with theme: She wants to bring peace to worlds, and will be there for you.

Friends: Lantis, Jamie, Lola (Dont see eachother much), ehhh.. need to think about it

Powers: Again... I nee to think about it :P


File:Nadia and chia.jpg