Natalie is an Echidna that often feels emotionally depressed and inadequet.
Natillie the echidna

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Though Knuckles always thought he was the last Echidna, he was wrong. In the catacombs beneath Angel Island and Hydrocity Zone, there was a clan of Echidnas, descendents of the ones who lived outside of Mystic Ruins. After the Argus Event, the Echidna race again split into two clans, ones who lived on the overworld, Knuckles' ancestors, and ones who lived deep underground. Natalie's underground ancestors were known as the Devil's Tyranny, as the they were located in Lava Reef Zone, which is almost as hot as hell, and because they often had tyrants for leaders. The tyrants liked to wage war with the topsiders, which led to Knuckles being the last echidna of his clan. Natalie was born to a tyrant, who was killed by a traitor. Natalie was later raised by the traitor, given a special scythe, and was set free.

Natalie escaped through making dangerous deals with demons, even becoming infected with demon blood in the process. Once she got out, she wasn't able to live a normal life, she was constantly chased by demons and such, which pushed her into depression.


Natalie has small cases of Aspergers Syndrome and Anti-Social Personality Disorder, which can cause her to have no remorse for anyone she hurts, have selective mutism, and have random nose bleeds when faced with social interaction. Natalie prefers to avoid social interaction, however it is virtually impossible for her to do this.


Natalie is an echidna, with snow white fur, and jet black markings on the end of her dreadlocks. She often wears a black coat, and has special markings that glow red when she is powered by destruction. On her chest is a red illuminati eye, that glows red in the prescence of heroes. 
Natalie Markings

Natalie's mark

Weapons and PowersEdit

Scythe: Natalie's main weapon is her scythe, which grants her some of her powers.

Corruption Embodiement: If she lets it, Natalie can let corruption take over her body, which causes her powers to amplify, however she will have no remorse for anyone she kills or any collateral damage she causes.

Destruction Empowerment: The more she destroys, the more powerful she gets.

Illusion Manipulation: Natalie can cast illusions to confuse her foe. In her corruption form she actually makes solid objects.

Adoptive Muscle Memory: Natalie can mimic nearly any acrobatic, combat, or defensive moves.

Biological Constructs: Natalie can turn her arms, legs, and other appendages into several objects, as well as grow extra appendages.

Molecular Manipulation: Natalie has the ability to dissassemble and reassemble nonliving objects on the molecular level.

Miasama Emission: If she lets it, she can release poison gases.

Aura Sense: Natalie can read people's auras.

Astral Projection: Natalie shoots her conscience out of her body, so she can teleport anywhere in the world. This takes a lot of energy so Natalie often uses Portal (see below).

Nothingness Manipulation: Lets her erase memories and create black holes.

Portal Creation: She uses her scythe to create a portal to a specific location.

Chronolock: Not affected by attacks involving time.

Possession: Natalie can possess anyone for a short duration, except robots.


If someone can keep her using her powers, she will start to fade into nothingness.


Corruption NatalieEdit

As said above, Natalie can let corruption take over her body and enhance her abilities. During this, her skin looks like it's cracked all over, her markings turn black, and she gains an aura. While this is active Natalie can create powerful black holes, erase memories, and unlock full control of Nothingness Manipulation.


Romantic InterestsEdit

None, ask in comments if you want someone to be with her.






Anyone who she doesn't like.


With Me ~Live and Learn Remastered~03:53

With Me ~Live and Learn Remastered~

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