Natasha Mouse DJ YAH

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"Got em lock and loaded and ready on beat, boss" - Natasha Saforez.

-Engineer and DJ, Natasha hangs with the Streetshadow Gang, living life without problems and doing things her way-

Known Names: Twister or Steps

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Mouse

Birthdate: 9th November

Alignment: Neutral (Chaotic Neutral)

Affilation: Streetshadow Gang

Ideal Accent: American Gangster (lol I have no idea, obviously :/)


Jade Redfox

Red the Hedgehog



Roxanne 'Flare' Flametail the Fox

Lucy 'Lulu'

Toby Bruce

Nero Promises Best Quality 1080P HD-0

Nero Promises Best Quality 1080P HD-0

This seems rather party fitting for her style. xD - I'd like suggestions. I like learning about other songs out there XD


She is considered a Speed type, although would be just considered a skill person.

Strength: Average

Agility: Great

Intellect: Good

Skill: Excellent

Endurance: Poor


Natasha is quite outgoing, young, attractive (somewhat), wild and proud woman of the streets of Westopolis. Full of charm, confidence, street smarts and talents. Despite having quite alot of rivals, she still puts a smile on her face, showing determination in rivalry. Although she is not one of the favourite members of the Streetshadow Gang however, mainly because her negative traits can overwhelm people at sudden times. She cannot become irritated easily, however if she did or stress/responsibility is laid upon her, she may have a short temper / bossy attitude. Despite her intelligence levels, she's quite ignorant and naive. Quite childish, greedy, lazy and in some cases a whiner.

Positives about Miss Saforez:

  • Outgoing / Hyperactive
  • Young (And or Attractive)
  • Wild (Partygoer)
  • Charming Personality (at most times)
  • Street smarts and talents.
  • Determination
  • Comical

Negatives about Miss Saforez:

  • Short Temper
  • Bossy Attitude (under stress or feeling greedy)
  • Ignorant
  • Naive
  • Childish
  • Greedy
  • Lazy
  • Whiner / Complainer (Sometimes)

Abilities/Talents (somewhat);

She is a Skyridian, so it is known that Skyridians have some sort of specialty in a magic type. She does not know and prefers to not find out. As an engineer and DJ, she is of course a music-techno lover. She enjoys sprucing up machines, cars and a few house items in the gang hideout. She hasn't had any experience or has came across an air rider board and wishes to play with it one day. Her curiousity with technology expands her knowledge with her experience.

Her dance moves seem rather impressive as well, as for she is more into techno/dubstep or any nightclub related music.


Since she is considered a powerless mouse, the only way to determine her weaknesses would be her negative traits of herself. Like for example, greed can lead her into unforgiving places in her life.


Water - She does know how to swim however her fear of getting wet and becoming electrocuted (she would most likely wear electric powered gear, this includes her headphones). She intends to avoid water as much as possible, atleast huge amounts of it. 

Pressure - Despite her confidence and self-sesteem. Pressure can change her feelings a lot dramatically than most people. She may cause actions that are outside of her character.

Backstory (Maybe, I'LL TRY, L.O.LZ, W.I.P)