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Nekuyo the Echidna is the power type in Team Element who are Chinoka the Fox and Axel the Fox. They all met when they all journed to the top of Mnt. Krakanak. Nekuyo went there to defeat Leroin the Chameleon, who killed his parents Doensat and Kinakes, and his brother Megnis. Chinoka went there to find his sister who was kidnapped. And Axel went there to get the Ultimate Emerald, which will give him the power to go super at any time as long as it is in his own possesion. They all teamed up to accomplish their goals. Along the way they became friends and eventually acomplished their goals and now they are all living together in Blue Ridge Zone in a large house inhereted by Nekuyo after his parents died. He and Axel are 17 while Chinoka is 16. Nekuyo is the smallest in Team Element, with Axel being the biggest. When he was out on a walk he eventually was attacked by Sarcoma. They both fell in love and are dating at the current time. 3 days later, he was granted power as guardian of Blue Ridge Zone.


Nekuyo excels in hand-to-hand combat, swordplay, and archery. His weakness is is his fear of fire,heights,and he has a open scar on his leg which can cause him to have a traumatic seizure if hit in the correct position. He can swim very well and can camouflage himself. He is strong and can lift up to 98 pounds. Also he can Climb very well and can survive in extreme tempetures. He can run up to 23 MPH.


Nekuyo tends to be arrogant and stubborn, but he can stop and think sometimes. When he isnt fighting Metal Robotnik, he is training by fighting his test robot. He can sometimes lash out and jump to comclusions. He has a very short temper. He gets confused easily and is a bit simple minded. He can sometimes over look some important details. He is very protective of his family and will do anything to save things if something happens to them.


Good futures

  1. He gets married to Sarcoma and peace is every wear.
  2. He avenges his family by defeating Lerion.

Bad futures

  1. He gets killed by Lerion and goes to hell.
  2. His body gets taken over by Syaw and kills everything and everyone on the planet, eventually committing suicide.

Three Days Grace - Never Too Late

Three Days Grace - Never Too Late

1st theme song

Inuyasha intro

Inuyasha intro


Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams Lyrics

Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams Lyrics


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