Full Name:Ryo "Nezo" Kurosaki

Gender: Male

Nezo The Kitsune

"Nezo The Kitsune"

Age: 14 on mobius,17 on earth

Birthdate: July 27,1994

Birthplace: Music City

Alias: Nezo, The Lone Wolf

Relatives: Mentor: Deimos, Mother: Kiba(deceased), Father: Haki(deceased)

Likes: Music,Video Games,T.V

Team: Team Chaos

Fur Color: White

Sexuality: Straight

Notable Quotes:" done talkin yet?"

Attire: Headphones,Black fingerless gloves, Dark Grey Boots,trenchcoat,white buttoned shirt,black pants w/ yellow straps,2 belts(1 black,1 red)

Height: 6'0

Weight: 100 pounds(he's not fat)

Dislikes: Everyone except his friends

Love Interest: Blaze The Cat

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Type of Music: House,Dubstep,Acid Jazz

Favorite Song(s): Deadmau5-Sofi Needs A Ladder, Deadmau5 ft. Kaskade-I Remember,etc...

Speices: North American Fox

Nezo The Kitsune (known as Nezo) had lived a good life by hiself at the orphanage after his parents died. When he was three, his mother Kiba patched him up after he was chased by a leopard. Before Kiba left, she went down the stairs of the ruins but Arion pleaded, "No!" And it was too late. The leopard who chased Arion returned and abandoned Kiba by scaring her off and eating her ribs. Until he was seven, his father Haki told him about saving Kuno when he was a chao. Haki gave him the chao for his 4th birthday. Later then, Haki goes down the stairs and sees a mysterious figure and kills him. When Nezo goes downstairs he finds his fathers dead body on the floor and just falls on the ground crying next to his dead body.

Ten years have passed and Nezo has forgotten his parents deaths,When he goes for walk in the zen garden he encounters his long lost brother Neo The Cat and they talk go play and stuff they would do before Nezo left, Nezo and Neo go on adventure and encounters a black and red hedgehog named Shadow. The two fought and Shadow deemed the two to be worthy challengers and hopes to meet them again. A couple days passed and they saw a blue hedgehog,a yellow fox, a white bat, a pink hedgehog, and a light purple cat, The two ran up to the group and introduced themselves, after that the all became great friends.


  • Nezo is part bat so him and rouge have a connection
  • Nezo was supposed to be a hedgehog
  • Nezo is 14 on mobius, but 17 on earth
  • He's a bit of a rebel

Neo Nezo's Brother

Family & Friends
  • Neo:Brother And Best Friend
  • Deimos:Mentor and Role Model
  • Kiba:Loving,Caring Mother
  • Haki: Loving,Caring Fun Father
  • Kuno:Companion,Neutral Chao
  • Sonic The Hedgehog (Friend)
  • Tails The Fox (Friend)
  • Amy Rose (Friend, but thinks she's a bit annoying)
  • Rouge The Bat (Friend

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