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Nico Lamas


Name: Nico Lamas

Powers: Phykokenesis

Weapons: None

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Species: Llama

Trait: Speed

Groups: ARK Organization(grunt)

Relationships: Dolly Lamas(sister), Scythe the Bat(enemy), Christian the Raven(rival, friend)


Nico and Dolly grew up in the slums of Chun-nan. They survived by stealing food, pick-pocketing, and moving around constantly. One day, however, Dolly wandered off and didn't come back. Nico spent years trying to find her, nearly dieing in more then one occasion.

One day, a bat, who said his name was Scythe, told him that his sister was on-board the ARK II, and told him that he could go there if he wanted. However, once Nico got there, Scythe wouldn't allow him to leave untill this big machine was finished. Nico immediatly realized he had been tricked. He spent two years on the ARK II, untill one day, while Tempest was escaping, Nico slipped into one of the jets and escaped.

Back on Earth, he continued his search for Dolly, untill one day, while he was competing in an XG street race, he found her. Apparently, she entered into the same race to earn money for her and her friends who were running from the ARK Organization. So he joined them on the run, helping in any way he could, and never leaving his sister.


Nico's weakness is being around other phsychics. It decreases his phycokenesis power. But it has the opposite effect with Dolly.


Nico is very protective of his sister. He is very loyal to his friends and very dangerous to his enemies.

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