Nikola Eyrie Redwan Echidna.

Nikola (Nikki) Eyrie Redwan Echidna is a 17 year old Echidna from the Sapphyra Islands. She is one of the younger generation of Sapphyrians who chose to become runaways that many of the older people of the Islands see as delinquent betrayers.

During her time on the Island, she lived with her Mother. Her Farther had died many years ago during a war between the Sapphyra Islands and a distant Land.

Nikola's Farther also fought against the Unknown People and survived many wars against them.

Personality and Appearance

Nikola is a burgundy Echidna with long spines that hang down then curl upwards.

She has medium-dark skin and usually wears a completely green outfit.


  • Age: 17 years old.
  • Height: 119cm
  • Weight: 42kg
  • Speed: 55 out of 100
  • Strength: 60 out of 100
  • Flight: 8 out of 100
  • Agility: 60 out of 100
  • Stamina: 60 out of 100
  • Defense: 80 out of 100
  • Intelligence: 45 out of 100

Nikola is quite a reckless character who if she feels she needs to will completely rebel against what is accepted. People can find her manner of speech rude when she doesn't think about what she's saying, but in a serious situation she can be a little more sensible and can come up with good ideas (unless of course she panics).


As an inhabitant of the Sapphyra Islands Nikola learnt a lot of different skills to help her to survive, other skills she has learnt include skills that were often used in Ancient Sapphyrian culture.

  • Self Defense
  • Building and Mountain Climbing
  • Balance Skills
  • Writing and Storytelling
  • Engraving and Wood Sculpting
  • Digging
  • Material Gathering
  • Etc.

History and Relationships.

Nikola was born and raised on Central Sapphyra Island by her Mother. Her Farther had diid when she was just 4 years old and she has very few memories of him. The death of her Farther caused a rebellious attitude to start in her and she began blaming the leaders of Sapphyra and the people of the Unknown Land for his death. She left her home at the age of 8, traveling to distant lands by hiding in cargo ships. A year later she met Zuniqa the Hedgehog and began to travel with her.

Nikola and Zuniqa became extremely close friends.

After 4 years had passed Zuniqa met Taya Teefolx who invited them to stay with her in Illdton. Zuniqa agreed but Nikola declined the offer and decided to return home for a while to see her mother.

On returning to the Sapphyra, Nikola was arrested for betraying her people and was sentenced to a year in prison along with 5 years of unpaid labour. Nikola managed to escape most of her sentence by digging through the roof of her prison cell. Before running away from the islands again, she managed to visit her Mother who was rather upset about her daughter being seen as a criminal by the Sapphyrian society and that she would almost be able to see her own daughter again. Nikola assured her that she would return every 4 months to see her and then left the islands before she could be caught.

Nikola then went to Illdton to meet up with Zuniqa and Taya and began traveling with them to explore the rest of Mobius.

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