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The Zakuba

The Zakuba

The Nimagi Freedom Fighters have a hangar deep in the ground dug out from the side of a cliff by the echidna members of the tribe. It houses Axel's plane the X31-Phoenix his most prized possession. and weapons stolen from Eggman's lair along with the the weapons Ollet stolen from G.U.N .

Nimagi hangar outside

The hangar on the outside

Nimagi hangar

The hangar from the inside

The X-31 Phoenix

This is Axel's plane he is obsessed with it to the point that if there is a small dent in it he will flip out and try to break something over someone's head. only he is allowed to fly in this plane.

The Zakuba

Is a warship Axel and company stole from Touden in the Anti Mobius universe when they defeated him in the War of the multiverse rp. Its The Nimagi Freedom Fighter's biggest weapon with a light cannon mounted under the ship. It can't fit in the hanger so therefor the echidna members of the tribe had to dig out a bigger hanger just for the warship. It rises into the sky from the ocean.
X-31 Phoenix

Axel's plane the X-31 Phoenix