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IMG 1065

Okkar The Stricken, Abominable Crossbreed between a Satyr and a Dragon




Retractable Arm BladesEdit

A rare mutation in his physiology allows for his Radius to dislocate and push itself just above his Radiocarpal joint, piercing through his skin in a pointed fashion in a manner similar to the Tarkatan's from Mortal Kombat; these arm blades are about seven inches in length and make for good stabbing or thrusting weapons. Of course he can retract them at will as well but due to the frequency of extension and retraction the exit wound created by these arm blades never fully heal and are liable to get infected.

Dermal ArmorEdit

His skin doubles as a form of armor; rugged and thick like a dragon's as a result of his parentage he can easily tank small arms fire, like nine millimeter pistol rounds for example, provided it's not aimed at the face; anything like, say a .357 magnum slug or twelve gauge buck shot fired at point blank range will tear through Okkar's dermal armor like wet paper.

Draconian PhysiologyEdit

Given the circumstances behind Okkar's birth, he's come to possess some form of Draconian Physiology; he can't really manifest wings to take flight, nor is he as long lived as a dragon. But his odd physiology does grant him some advantages like a high resistance to magic, some resistance to heat based attacks and a limited hypnotic glance, however the hypnotic glance really only works on lesser animals; non-mobianized creatures and non-mythical beasts to be precise.

​Satyr PhysiologyEdit

In essence, Okkar's Satyr Physiology grants him somewhat enhanced physical attributes like climbing, dexterity, speed and endurance for example. Plus the innate potential to use magic; albeit in a very limited form and not much else. So basically an abomination that happened to be gene spliced between a man-goat spirit and a dragon. Funny how life works isn't it.

Beast CallingEdit

In addition to his hypnotic glance, Okkar can mimic the calls of various animals to influence the behaviors of animals through some form of wild magic. Possibly something gained from the Satyr portion of his DNA. Nevertheless; he can implant memetic suggestions in animals within hearing range of his calls, however these are only suggestions and they can be ignored should natural instincts end up conflicting with his memetic suggestions. Like say a pack of wolves out hunting could ignore his memetic suggestion if they were starving and faced with easy prey in the form of a lone deer.


Fire BreathingEdit

Enhanced StrengthEdit

Prehensile TailEdit

Enhanced HearingEdit


Beast HandlerEdit


Quick WittedEdit

Physically FitEdit


Cold BloodedEdit

Ice Based AttacksEdit

Poison Based AttacksEdit

Poor EyesightEdit


  • The character's image was originally done for SilverKnight-err Riah's challenge thingamijiggy.
  • The name 'Okkar The Stricken' is a completely obvious reference to the song Stricken by Disturbed.

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