Omega Ophelia
Picture of Omega Ophelia.


26(when given immortality.)




Divine Vulpine


Chaotic Good

Ablity Type

.Immorality .Size-Manipulation (now capable of giga levels) .Reality Manipulation .Hypnosis (by kissing.)








.Those who threaten Mobius.

.Chaos,(not the Sonic chaos, but the chaotic forces of the universe itself.)



(Note: The following is considered non-canon by Jaredthefox92, and is mainly used for roleplaying purposes due to balance and character personality issues.)

Omega Ophelia is the super form, (well actually the omega form), of Professor Ophelia Daniel the fox. She was first introduced in a roleplay involving Sonicsilva1 where using highly advanced technology she was able to literally eat the Master Emerald and harness it's full power while she was giant sized.


While the same species, Ophelia's appearance has been drastically altered upon receiving her Omega form. First and foremost while she is stuck being giant sized while the master emerald is still inside of her. (Mostly because that would kill her if she shrunk, since she cannot shrink the emerald itself.) However, now she is capable of reaching giga sizes at will.

Omega Ophelia Symbol

Omega Ophelia's mark, normally seen behind her glowing or around her, on the forhead of her minions, or glowing.

Omega Ophelia Refernce

A preview image of Omega Ophelia.

Her outfit has been changed from it's standard black and scarlet/ crimson red to pearl white to replace said black colors, as well as golden trimming to replace the red trimming. She wears a golden band around her waist instead of a red one as well. Her fur color is has been altered by her own 'divine' will to be pure pink instead of salmon pink. Her eyes now glow with a radiant fiery orange flame and her eye gloss is now violet.Her muzzle retains her original color however. Finally an included addition is two giant bracelets made out of pure emerald green can be seen around each of her wrists. 

Acquired 'Goddess' Powers:

  • Amplified Size Manipulation: Ophelia in Omega form is capable of growing so big it would reach giga size and thus can become unbelievably big, (even bigger than Mobius and other planets!)
  • Reality Manipulation: She was able to completely change her wardrobe with her mind, made it when she does run in giant size she can move like normal in reflexes.
  • Immortality: When in Omega form time literally waits for her and thus she can halt her aging process.
  • Hypnosis: Omega Ophelia is able to mind control people by giving them kisses, both male and females are suitable for subjugation.
Omega Ophelia Rear View

A rear view of Omega Ophelia


There are little known weakneses to Omega Ophelia. However, it is known that she cannot become Omega Ophelia unless she has the Master Emerald consumed inside of her itself. Thus she isn't able to shrink back to normal as the emerald must maintain itself as normal within her bodies at all times, (and if she shrinks having a big emerald in you would more than likely kill you.)

Stats: (Remember, this isn't canon and not normally roleplayed for balance issues.)

Basic Stats (1 is weak, 10 is very strong. Total can't be greater than 40.)

Agility BPStarBPStar 2
Speed BPStarBPStar 2
Strength BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 10
Defence BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 10
Evasiveness BPStar 1
Dexterity BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 5
Intelligence BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 5
Skill BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 5
Total BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 40

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