Mission Specs

Agents: Surge, Beta, Gamerboy, Xena

Theme for story (NOT MINE!!!!!!)

Theme for story (NOT MINE!!!!!!)

The original artists of the song have full copyright

Objectives: Investigate the Bedford Mansion near



Outside the mansion...

Gamerboy: So...what exactly are we looking for?

Beta: Anything really. People have been disappearing whenever they come here, and this time I feel like it isn't the Snatchers...

Surge: Whatever it is, we need to check it out. Let's move out.

They all make their way into the house with the door shutting behind them. They get into the lobby of the house.

Xena: Wow this place is a lot nicer than it looks on the outside.

Beta: Yeah well I still have a bad feeling-

Something glass in another room falls and breaks.

Gamer: What was that?

Surge: I don't know. I'm going to go look.

Surge goes into a kitchen and sees a smashed plate. As we walks up to it he takes a shard from the broken plate. Surge: This might be useful later.

When he gets back to the lobby everyone is gone.Surge: Guys...? Nobody responds. Surge *to himself*: Hmm maybe they started to look around.

Surge moves into another hallway with a bathroom to the side. As he walks by a dark figure looms by the other side of the door. Surge: Guys?! He tries to open the door but it's forced shut. Surge: Dang, I need a key. I knew this wouldn't be easy.

He went past the door and decided to look near the bathrooms. As he passed the side one a shadow passed the door on the other side. Surge whirled around: What was that?! He tried to open the door but it was forced shut. Surge: There is DEFINITELY something going on here.

1844494-ao oni large

This thing creeps me out so much o.e -Surge

He looks around until eventually he finds the library. As he walks in he sees a shadow pass farther in the room. Surge *dryly*: Gamer, this is NOT the time to try to scare me! He walks farther in the library finds a key on the table and begins to hear footsteps. Surge: WHOEVER IS TRYING TO F***ING SCARE ME, SHOW

YOURSELF!!! *he whirled around aiming a pistol at a large humanoid monster running at him. Surge: WHA-WHAT THE F*** IS THAT THING?!?! He instantly turned and sprinted out of the library with the monster after him. He ran throughout the entire house. He then ran into a bedroom that was a dead end. Surge: Oh sh**. He turned around with an M4A1 pointing at the door. Surge: Let's dance mother f***er! He sat there for a few minutes and nothing happened. Surge: I guess...I outran it...but what was that thing?

All of a sudden, a cupboard behind him began to shake.

(didnt have much time to work on this, ill continue when i can, same with other stories Surge the Lion 08:06, April 7, 2012 (UTC) )