About Years after The Events of Sonic Heroes

DR. Robotnik almost entirely gave up on Metal Sonic
Operation Metal

Photo of the Upcoming Roleplay Operation: Metal

He put Metal Sonic back in his lab and decided to look for another

Mobian who could do more than Sonic, after observing the Mobians he came Across

5 mobians; Iron The Hedgehog,Mike the frog,

,(Aggron the hedgehog),,(YourCharacter),

And decided to build Metal Versions of them. As this operation was known as, Operation: METAL.


Good Guys:

Iron The Hedgehog - as Himself

Michael the Fox - as Himself

Mike the frog - as himself

Aggron the hedgehog - as Himself


Bad Guys:

Dr. Robotnik

Metal Iron

Metal Micheal

Metal mike

Metal Aggron

Metal TBA

Let me know if you wanna signup for Operation Metal, Cuz we may only have room for 4 main characters

Act now or you'll end up as a Neutral character who's interacted with the mains but doesnt appear for the Final Mission.

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