Please excuse any spelling errors and blank spaces! <3

Basic Information

Name: Ophelia Wynter Leon

Age: Unknown to most (Commonly believed to be around 15-16-ish)

Species: Believed to be a Springer Spaniel (English)

Gender: Female

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: *Under consturction XD*

Likes: Strawberries, watching the rain, stargazing,

Dislikes: Being called a kid/being made fun of,


General Appearance:

Hair Colour: Multi-colored (White and Dark Brown)

Hair Style: Put into low piggy tails, hair in front brushed to the side

Fur Colour: Dark Brown; paws/hands/inner ears/etc. white

Eye colour: Purple

Attire: Varies; Main outfit is in the form of a long dress like coat and boots.


Relatives: Alastair,

Friends: Amorette,

Love Interest: Currently dating Lucius


Rivals: Amelia the Saluki (nega version),



Ability Type:

Flight (due to enhanced abilities; see below)


*Under construction; adding more details later*

Can manipulate dark matter, creating arms/illusions/ and a variety of other things.

Can make temporary illusions~

Can manipulate sound particles; (only possible if Alastair is there, and grants her the ability, this ability often times harm her in the end)

Super form(s): Currently no known super forms


*Under construction*

Other Info

  • Under constuction*


"Getting angry doesn't solve anything..."

"Nothing is as good as love, neither as true as the suffering..."

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