Orange the cat by papiocutie-d74o79z
Orange is a 13 year old orange cat.He play's pranks on people all the time mostly it gets him into touble.He always get's into touble along with his friends too mostly chum and Pinky.He has a crush on Silverlake.He always gets kidnapped by random people XD


He has a orange coat, With a light orange muzzle, He has brown eyes, White chest hair that covers most of his body. He wears yellow boots with a white stripe across, he wears white gloves. He has curly hair in front of his face aswell as curly bangs.


Name: Orange The Cat

nickname(s):orange ball,(by eggman)Fur ball,(by knuckles,shadow,rouge,)

Gender: Male

Species: Alley Cat


Likes: Pranks, Himself(at times), Being lazy, His friends, life.

Dislikes: Being captured, Jerks, Seeing his friends hurt.

Voice Actor :Jeremy Shada

Theme: The kill[1]


Chum The Chipmuck(Brother like relationship) Snow Ball The Cat(Older Brother) Hadi The Cat(Father) Snowene The Cat(Mother) Daire The Cat(Uncle)

Love interest: Silverlake The Cat

Rivals: Mora The Swallow.


Orange is young goofy teenage cat who loves pulling pranks on others. Orange can be selfish, egotistic, and downright a jerk at times but he has good heart. When Someone is being abused hurt and made fun of, Orange will step right in and does whenever is necessary.