P.Squidy Picture Contest(Closed)

~~You can join this contest form the 24th April to the 24th May~~

Subject of Squidy

the subject of this contest is: Gender Blender

The goal is to take 1 of your own characters and put them in teh "Gender Blender" making them a male/female character, if u already made a "Gender Blender" character you can't use that character


  • judge 1(Needed judge)
  • judge 2(Needed judge)
  • P.Squidy(Host)

Rules of the contest

  1. you can only put 1 picture or drawing in the contest
  2. you can't swear (or you will be disqualified)
  3. you can come out of the contest at any time
  4. Judges can ONLY judge
  5. Only "P.Squidy can disqualify people on the contest
  6. you can't use an old picture

People in the contest(actualy join this time guys)

  • (needed place)
  • (needed place)
  • (needed place)
  • (needed place)
  • (needed place)


you can be a judge in the next contest & i will make you a "Pixel Art"