Party Over Here.The Pilots.

"Hey,it's me Dani,I know I've bored you with my lame crossover 

stories,so i'm gonna do something a little different,i'm gonna 

tell you about all the awesome parties i've had."Dani says excited.

"Of course,these are the pilots made into a movie."She adds.

Pilot 1.Blazblue Bash Intro

I was playing my new fav fighting game:Blazblue Continuum Shift 

Extend,playing as all the characters when I got a naughty idea.I 

grabbed my voice recorder."Note to self have a Blazblue party,with 

and hang in there,several characters from the game,if not all."I 

said into it.All of a sudden my sis walks in and picks up a 


"May I play as that girl with the Brown hair?"She asks me."Makoto?"

I answered.We start playing."So,um how's it like without 

adventures?"She asks me as I defeat her."Not bad,i'm having a party 

today when mom and dad leave."I told her."Really,what kind of 

party?"She asks."Blazblue,the greatest fighter ever."I answer.

"Well,i'll be gone for a while,checking up on "him"."She told me 

exhausted."Have fun."I replied.She left and I called the guests:

Ragna the Bloodedge,Noel Vermillion,Jin Kisaragi,Taokaka,Carl 

Clover,Rachel Alucard,Bang Shishigami,Makoto Nanaya,Hazama,Tsubaki 

Yayoi,Valkenhayn R Hellsing,and,Platinum the Trinity.I told them 

they were allowed if they wanted,1 guest with them.I hung up on 

Platinum and waited.

The Party Begins

The guests arrived one by one."Why the hell are we here?"Ragna 

asked."To have a party,and you all are the guests of honor."I told 

them."Whatever,i'm leaving."He said walking towards the door.

Suddenly Jin grabbed him."Brother,where are you going?"He asked.

"Anywhere but here,now let me go."Ragna said trying to break free.

"But Brother,I wanna spend time with you."Jin told him."Hey,I want 

no part of that,so just shut your face."Ragna replied.

I pulled them apart."Calm down and enjoy the party."I told them.

"Your not in a position to demand anything."Ragna snickered.I threw 

him to the ground."Ok,ok i'll be good."He said trying to catch his 

breath.I helped him up."So,you live here?"He asked.

"Yeah,with my parents,my brother and sister."I told him."Wow,

almost like me then."He said unimpressed.I stuck my tounge at him.

He showed me his sword and smiled."Oh,it's on."I said."Bring it."He 


Jin pulled me away."No-one fights Brother but me."He told me with a 

creepy voice.I kicked him in the gut."Ouch,that hurt you bitch."He 

said in pain.I kicked him again."Had enough?"I asked him."Yes,yes,I 

give."He said hurt.I got him an ice pack.

"Next time don't go shooting your mouth off and I won't kick you 

again."I said smiling my usual cocky smile."Yeah,all I have to say 

is next time you come between me and Brother,you'll get a taste of 

Yukianesa."Jin said getting up."Looking forwad to it."I said 

kicking him again.

"This is causing my throat to become quite dry,Valkenhayn,I require 

tea."Rachel told her butler."Right away milady,um miss,do you 

happen to have any tea?"Valkenhayn asked me."Yes,I do right through 

that door is the kitchen,I have tea leaves from every origin in 

there."I told him.

"Thank you miss."He said as he left.I poked Rachel."What is it?"She 

asked.I handed her a piece of paper and a pen."An autograph

please."I told her."I fear that I haven't the slightest idea what 

your talking about,but very well."She told me.She signed it and I 

walked away.

I entered the kitchen and found Valkenhayn having a hard time 

finding the tealeaves."Miss,I am having trouble locating the tea 

leaves that you mentioned."He said slightly sweating."Weird,I 

thought I put them in the cabinet."I said confused.

I looked there,under the sink and in the fridge."Hm,I wonder."I 

told myself.I opened the pantry and turned on the light."Ok,found 

them,she likes tea that black right?"I asked."Correct young lady."

Valkenhayn told me.I gave him the tea leaves."Do you need any 

help?"I asked."No thank you,I believe I got it."He answered.I left 

the kitchen.

Platinum walked up to me."Yo,do you have anything to do here,cause 

Luna's bored."Luna asked me."Uh,well I have video games."I told 

her."Um excuse me,but what are video games?"Sena asked me."Well 

simply put they're games that you play using controllers and a game 

system."I explained."Pass."Luna told me.

"Uh,what do you want to do?"I asked sternly."I don't know,your the 

party host,so you have to entertain me,dumbass."She replied."Luna,

why must you cause trouble?"Sena asked her.Suddenly,an unseen woman 

took control."I'm sorry for what Luna and Sena are putting you 

through."She told me."It's ok,but who are you?"I asked.

"My name is Trinity Glassfield."She told me."Nice to meet you 

Trinity."I replied smiling."You too,I suppose I should let the 

children take over."She said.Suddenly Luna and Sena were back.

All of a sudden,Makoto called me over."What is this place?"She 

asked me."My house."I answered."No,what planet?"She asked."Mobius,a

planet where animals rule."I answered."Animals,so there's squirrels 

here,oh that's great."She said happily.

"Yeah,in fact one of my best friends is a squirrel."I replied 

showing a pic of Nikki."So,do all squirrels on your planet look 

like this?"She asked me."No,of course not,but most of them do look 

like him."I answered quickly."Awesome,I bet they would share their 

nuts with me."She said with a weird yet friendly look in her eyes.

"Uh,do I want to know what that look is about?"I asked the room.

Tsubaki walked up to me."No,you don't."She said sighing."So,how are 

you liking the party?"I asked."It's fun and very lively."She 

answered."Well,a good host always knows how to cater to the guests 

needs."I replied."And your doing a good job."She told me smiling.

"Anyway,can I get you anything?"I asked."No thank you,i'm good."She


All of a sudden I heard a meow.I turned and saw Taokaka swatting at 

a picture of a plate of tuna."Taokaka,bad Tao."I told her.She ran 

up to me and grabbed my breasts."Wow,you so small meow,maybe I 

should call you Lacking Lady number 2,meow."She told me."What,i'm 

not small,besides who's Lacking Lady number 1?"I asked her.Tao 

points to Noel."Neow,There's Lacking Lady number 1 over there."Tao 


Noel started crying."That's so cruel."She said with teary eyes.

"Tao prefers Booby Lady's boobies,there so big and fluffy meow."

Tao said with stars in her eyes."Uh,ok,and what's so great about 

"Booby Lady's" boobs?"I asked her."They're so soft and squishy,they 

feel just like sand bags mew."She said drooling.

I walked over to Noel and smiled."Um,uh nice party."She said 

blushing."No need to blush over this,this isn't even close to what 

I normally do."I told her."Really,wow."She replied."Yeah,between my 

job at Pizza Hut and saving the planet every chance I get,things 

are kinda hectic."I explained."

"That's great,I think,anyway do you happen to have some."She 

started."Huh?"I asked curious."Do you have any advice,you know 

about those?"She asked pointing at my breasts."Uh,well not really,I 

mean they're not the biggest,but they seem to be good enough."I 

told her nervously.She poked her own."Oh no good,even beings from 

another planet are bigger than me."She said starting to cry.

I walked away slowly and ran into Hazama."Watch it you stupid bat."

He told me."Ugh,your so rude."I told him.I took out my voice 

recorder and set it on Vortex.The setting blew Hazama into the 

wall."Well played."He told me."Hmph."I said pissed."Woah,no need to 

be upset,after all your just a bat."He told me.

"And your just a bastard,man why did I even invite him anyway?"I 

asked myself."Because i'm a fan favorite."He replied smugly."Yeah,

that's why."I said retorically.I looked at him and he looked at me.

The tension was growing to insane levels."Stay out of my way."I 

told him."Whatever you bitch."He said walking away.

I looked around and found Carl and Bang practicing their fighting.

"Hey,no rough fighting in the house or my parents will kill me."I 

told them."I'm sorry Miss Bat,but my sis and I were just honing our 

skills."Carl told me.I looked at his sis and smiled."I Bang 

Shishigami am sorry too,I did not mean to mess up your lovely 

home."Bang told me while catching his breath.

"Well,let's clean up the mess we made."Carl said gasping."I agree,

after all,I am your master,and I need to set a good example."Bang 

added."Since when is he your master?"I asked Carl."I dunno,it's 

news to me."He replied."Yes,we must clean up the mess for it the 

right thing to do."Bang said oblivious to what we were saying.The 

two got to work right away.While they were cleaning,I looked at 

Carl's sister."Intresting."I said walking away.

Several hours later,they all headed for the portal.

Ranga ran through trying to escape Jin."Stay away from me."He 

yelled.Jin chased after him."But Brother,I wanna fight."Jin told 

him.Rachel and Valkenhayn walked up to me."Bravo,it wasn't the 

worse party I have ever been to,though it did not have enough 

atmosphere."Rachel told me walking through the portal."I too am 

thankful for your friendly get together."Valkenhayn told me as he 

went after Rachel.Platinum high fived me.

"Hey,next time try not to be boring."Luna told  me."It was really 

fun."Sena replied."I agree,it was very nice,thank you."Trinity 

said.They went through the portal.Noel,Makoto,and,Tsubaki walked up

to me."Um,t,thank you for the party,I had fun."Neol said."Yeah,

maybe next time you can introduce me to some friends."Makoto 

replied."I'll come back if I have time."Tsubaki told me.They 

entered the portal.

Taokaka grabbed my breasts again."Tao will be back,make sure your 

boobies have grown by then,mew."Tao told me leaving.She went 

through the portal.Hazama slowly approached me."Your party if 

that's what you can call it,was lame,I would have perfered to be in

the Kaka village for a week than that."He said leaving.I stuck my 

tongue out at him.

Finally,Carl and Bang came up to me."I will never forget the party 

that was held today,and I promise you that Bang Shishigami will 

always come back if invited."Bang told me walking through the 

portal.Carl smiled at me."Sis wanted me to tell you that she had a 

good time,as did I,so thank you."Carl told me.Him and his sis went 

through the portal and I cleaned up the house.

Pilot 2.Blazblue Bash Reloaded Intro

A couple weeks later after succesfully throwing my Blazblue Bash 

and getting away with it,I decided to have another party:Blazblue 

Bash Reloaded.I called all the guests,sad to say only 8 could make 

it:Litchi Faye Ling,Arakune,Nu-13,Haku-Men,Mu-12,Relius Clover,

Lambda-11,and,Iron Tager.I setup the party and waited for them to 


Another Blazing Blue party starts

The guests arrived and they oddly enough,instantly took to the

party as if they had been to a lot of them.

"Welcome to my party,now have fun and interact,but member,no 

figihting."I said happily.The guests turned to me and turned back.

I watched as they enjoyed the fun.All of a sudden I had the urge to

talk to Relius,so I walked over to him.

"Ah,so there is a planet full of animals like this across the

galazy huh,most excellent."He told himself.He looked at me."And an

easy subject for expirmenting is in fornt of me."He told himself.

"No,if you so much as call forth your wife,I'll send you all 

packing to your own universe."I told him with a serious stare.

"Very well,then I shall take a sample of your DNA,and maybe a soil

to go."He said creepily."Uh,whatever,as long as i'm not being

abducted."I replied.I took a piece of my hair and placed it in a

bag with some planting soil and gave it to him."Your generosity is

much appreciated."He said placing the bag in his pocket.

I left him to his wack-a-doo studying and found Mu outside looking 

at my garden."Uh,Mu,what are you doing?"I asked her"Why do you 

insist on living in a world full of lies and evil?"She asked me.

"Listen up Ms.Emo."I told her before mustering up my answer."I am 

listening."She replied.

"Our flaws and ways of living are what make us,well us,just cause 

we act evilly and lie from time to time,doesn't mean,we aren't all 

good deep inside."I explained."Processing answer with all memory

banks,scan comes back inconclusive."She said before looking at me.

"What?"I asked."I'm checking for any signs of evil,un-true emotions 

or hints of deception,scan comes back as 0 on all searches."She 

said while going back inside the house.I stopped her."Does that

mean you trust me?"I asked her."No,I merely have found you honest."

She said walking away.

I bumped into Haku-Men."Watch where you are going Grimalkin."He 

told me.

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