Full name Phantom rose the hedgehog

Name Phantom the Hedgehog

Aka Inferno The Hedgehog

Age 16


Amy Rose:real mother

Sonic the hedgehog:real father

Brother:Shadow the Hedgehog(due to being born on ark with Shadow)

Ember :adoptive Sister

Nova:Adoptive Brother

Pyro:adoptive father

Flame:adoptive mother

Brian the Firehog:Brother

likes:fighting being alone and his friends

dislikes:school anyone messing with Honey

Love Interest Honey the Cat

transformations Super,Dark,Shooting star,Quasar,Super2,Black Galaxy Final form


Phantom was know as Inferno the hedgehog at first he was made on ark with Shadow and the other exparments unlike Shadow Phantom does not like using weapons but will if needed phantom not remembering anything he then set out to find out who he was he then met Gold and Luna fight some eggpawn they then called him Inferno he then found out the truth of him self his real name he trys to forget about what eggman told him but cant phantom the started to share a brotherly bond between Shadow not much is know after

Attire: School uniform Blue Jacket,white shirt,blue jeans,red finger less gloves with bracles on them,and red shoes,and Sunglasses on his head

Earlyer life Phantom was a shy hedgehog at first but meeting Gold and Dark they became his first friends.then seeing Honey getting hit on by the star quaterback Phantom helped her but then started to get hurt badly due to him not being a good fighter his power was then unleashed allowing to go super for the first time everone shocked by his transformation sonic then knew his son was not like the others and that he was special not only did Phantom won the fight he also won Honey's heart


Cosmic blazer Phantoms trademark move and his strongest so far

Black glaxys burst Phantom unleashes a combo then finishs it with a beam of dark energy