Photon Nebula (Filipino: Proto Galacto), an abandoned machine and appeared in Sonic and the Steel of Darkness. He was once an early design of the Spinner but after Eggman did a slight modification, it was now
abandoned. He was now configured and gained the ability to travel into the cyberspace. He's body was mostly in the same alloy to an EM transciever.


He was design after GalaxyMan in MegaMan 9. JamesTechno998 was planning to put AstroMan's voice but instead, he used a voice from CWU-O1P.


He teleports around the battlefield and orbits around with the Data BOTs to ram you. He will also freezes time and fire energy shots to prepare the attack. He's overdrive attack, Data Crusher, will fire a rain of energy shots and fell down to the player. His weakness is the Knockout Gas Combo and can freezes the Data BOTs.


"Intruders detected, must be eliminate, ELIMINATE."

"Hacker identified, name: ... Miles "Tails" Prower, engaga security level to the max."

Battle Quotes

"Defense mode on"

"Time Stopper"


"Receiving heavy damage" (got hit by Knockout Gas Combo)

"That's not good" (got hit by Knockout Gas Combo)

"Systems full power" (prepares an Overdrive Drive)

"Data Crusher" (prepares an Overdrive Attack)

"Systems failed..." (Defeated)


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