Plex the bison


Plex Jean Apline









Ability type:


Plex is a bison who loves ice, but also likes warm places. He can control ice and snow and uses his power very often to make ice sculptures


Plex was born in a place called "Norhtern Shorhorn", a famous place for it's mining. Plex always dreamed with finding gold or gemstones to be rich, but during his childhood, he never finded anything. With the pass of the years, Plex appreciated gems a lot more then precious metals like gold. He also like themfor their shine, shape and transparency rather than their value. During a winter, Plex saw a cave where he could find stones or crystals. He was amazed by all the crystals he found inside the cave, but he wanted a big one that was in a strange pedestal. Trying to tocuh it, he fainted and started to have visions about snow and ice. This geve him cryokinetic powers. He was awoken by Shunt, who was investigating the cave with his friends. Shunt and Plex became friends quickly, due to his same likes for gems and crystals. Plex helps Shunt by collecting cosmic gems for him. During his travels, Plex met many people, including Sonic, but who would become his best friend and travel partner was Yain the Dragon.


He is very quiet and timid, but is always disposed to meet new friends. Plex is very friendly and never had an enemy in his life. He has problems adapting to the outside world, but he wants to explore and find treasures.

He hates when one of his plans fails and sometimes he wants everywant to follow his orders. He is also very positive yet very dramatic. Plex is calmed most of the time and can be funny sometimes, maikng fun of some situations, either timely or not


Cube storm: With this, Plex can create a storm made of ice cubes. Sometimes, he can use other shapes such as arrows made of ice to make more damage

Time freeze:He is able to slow down the time for a limited time

Snow shield:He creates a huge shield of ice that can't melt

cool pulse: Plex creates a wave of ice extending from the ground to reach it's objective

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