Tom's newish design (LEFT) Prime Rynorak (RIGHT)

Name: Tommy the Hedgehog


Ability Type=Speed





So... what's going on?

Prime Rynorak is the supposed designation of the very first character design of Tom Rynorak, all the way back in 2005. In that time, Tom was a near-teenage, cocky, arrogant push-over who seeked only for something cool and for him to be the centre of attention. The term "Troll" fits very well with Tom's Pre-generation.

Oddly, Prime Rynorak was able to travel to the future and confronted his newer self, despite both having completely different storylines (Davrit Times TV series, COMING SOON TO THE WIKIA, maybe a month or two) and decided he wanted to be the NEW Tom Rynorak.


"Prime Rynorak" is a hedgehog resembling Sonic, however his fur color is slightly brighter. He wears a navy blue shirt which has a red "#1" on the top, and a sonic chao on the bottom. Much to Tom Rynorak's regret, his old counterpart wears some unsightly green shorts with black stars on each side, what grosses the new Tom about them is unknown, but the shorts seem to stick in his mind and torment him. "Prime Rynorak" is a regular breed of hedgehog, and the name "Rynorak" did not actually exist six years ago, so he stayed as Tommy the hedgehog.