Alina the hedgehog by sonicis1hotwerehog-d40zr2v

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Mytheria, the name the place, and anything/everything RELATED to Mytheria or Mytherians belong to Silende!! This includes the characters, names, places, ideas, and etc. (Well, ok I came up with the idea of Alina/Selania and other characters that I created being Mytherians.) Other than that everything belongs to Silende, and you HAVE to ask her to use any of these ideas, or else it can be considered theft.


Sonic Team VS Archie Portrayal: Sonic Team Potrayal

Name: (Mobian) Princess Alina /(Mytherian) Princess Ashikina /(Guardian) Weather

Mytherian Name Origin: "She who makes her bed in the mist"

Nicknames: None (Yet)

Age: 16

Species: Hedgehog/Mytherian/Guardian/Werehog

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6'

Weight: N/A (Obvious though that she is underweight and usually wears baggy clothes to cover this - Underweight presumably from annorexia)

IQ: 160-220 - Maximized Intelligence

Maritial Status: *Future Husband: Justin the HedgeWolf - Manic the Hedgehogs and Wysteria the WereMobians son*

DOB: 07/17

Birthplace: Castle Acorn - New Mobotropolis

Residence: New Mobotropolis


Parents - Shadow the Hedgehog / Silende the Hedgehog

Family-In-Law/Husband: Manic the Hedgehog, Wysteria the WereMobian, Justin the HedgeWolf, Luna the HedgeWolf, Lunar the HedgeWolf

Siblings - Austin the Hedgehog *Younger Twin Brother*, Amber the Hedgehog, Energy the Hedgehog *Unborn Younger Brother*

Uncle/Aunt/Cousins - Sonic the Hedgehog, Adela the Vampire-Cat, Sam the HedgeCat, Dark the HedgeCat

Second Cousins - Silver the Hedgehog, Selania the Hedgehog, Destiny the Hedgehog, Delanci the Hedgehog,

Anti - Willow the Hedgehog

Siblings-In-Law - Natasha the Hedgehog (Austins Future Wife), SJ the Hedgehog (Ambers Future Husband)

Friends: Justin the HedgeWolf, Luna the HedgeWolf, Destiny the Hedgehog, Delanci the Hedgehog,Sam the HedgeCat, Dark the HedgeCat, Willow the Hedgehog (Yes Her Anti!!), Austin the Hedgehog, Amber the Hedgehog, SJ the Hedgehog, Natasha the Hedgehog, BloodRayne the Hedgehog, Nocterna the Fox, Vana the Cat

Occupation: Student, Hero, Princess, Singer/Songwriter/Cheerleader

Social Class: The Shy Girl with a Sassy Attitude

Alignment: Hero

Top Speed: 10-40 MPH - Slow Runner

Basic Stats: (1-100)

Agility - 80

Speed - 20

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