This character (or at least the design) is up for sale. If you would like to make an offer, do so in the comments of this page or the blog post. I will take payments in art or deviantart money.

The character comes with all the art and media on the page. If you buy the design, you may do whatever the heck you want with it because it's your character.



  1. Blasted Circuits


  1. Protageau's Life



  • Proto is the first character that i gave a backstory to
  • his name is pronounced "pro-tuh-go" not "pro-tuh-shay"
  • As for his eye... the actual way his eye is supposed to be is with the messed-up side on the left when he's facing you. In the video, i messed up and did his eye the wrong way, as well as forgetting his tank.

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