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Red the hedgehog

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"Emma darlng?" Charles spoke out loud but quiet enough so he wouldn't awake her slumbering duaghter. Trish curled up in a fetal position on the couch her head lay gently on his lap.

Emma wheeled around from the computer chair."Yes? My love?" she spoke.

"Get the camera quickly, our little girl has fallen asleep once again and she looks so adorable!" he said with glee, he pushed glasses back to his face.

Emma smirked before getting up."I'd only wish she'd stop sucking on her own thumb..." she said coming back with the old-fashioned camera. After a minute of setting it up she put the timer on and sat next to her husband. Posing for the camera with smiles the photo was taken seconds later...

Emma kissed Charles on the cheek." Well darling, after you put our princess here in her bedroom we can go to bed, Yes?" she asked politely.

Charles nodded in aggreement, before gently picking up his greatest treasure and put her in her room with ease.

The middle-aged couple sat back on the couch.

"Y'know darling maybe for her 16th birthday we could take her out some time." he stated.

Suddenly the door was kicked down by a mysterious figure.

Emma shot up like a stray bullet followed by Charles.

"I'd always knew you'd come back for us..." Emma said.

"Well, Y'know how it is. Buisness wise anyway." The figure said.'Let's make this quick..

Two gunshots were fired and Emma and Charles bodies slumpped over the hard ground.It was over as fast as it had began...

Chapter 2:

The following morning Trish woke up to a window full of glistening sun rays warming her face.