Rac the Lynx

Full Name:Rach Alucard El.



Age:Unknown,presumed:Over 100.But has the appearence of a 13 year old.


Clothes:Black Cape with a Red and White cross symbol on each side at the top,Red Tank top,Black Jeans,Red Hy-Tops,White and Black gloves.

Favorite Food:Puffer Fish.

Favorite Colors:Black,Red,and,White.

Favorite Song:

Favorite T.V. Show:What Celebs do when they're Alone.

Favorite Sport:Croquet.

Favorite Book:50 Shades of Grey.

Favorite Movie:As long as it has Action and Mystery,he doesn't care.


Theme Song:

Voice Actor:David Moo.

Seiyu:Miyuki Sawasiro.


Family: Claudia:Mother (Dead)

Unknown Father. Love Interest:None.


Friends:Blood and Neol.

Rivals:Aya and Pow.

Enemies:Everyone who bores him.

Abilities:Gliding,Manipulation,and,Magic Powers.

Special Abilities:He can turn his Familiars:Aigo and Nie into things such as swords,hammers,knifes and so on.

Weaknesses:Sun-light,Garlic and the color Yellow.

Personality:He is not that known but seems to think that others are toys and play things,he can act like a spoiled brat and weirdo.

Likes:Tea,Sweets,Pastries and "Playing" with other people.

Dislikes:Anything cheerful and bright,Amy and Cream for example.

Ability Type:Power.

Hair Color:Rich Blond.

Hair Style:Long in the back,Shoulder-Length in the frond with bangs that just barely reach to his eyebrows.

Fur Color:Pale Peach.

Eye Color:Devilish Glowing Red.

Height:89 Cm.

Weight:56 Lbs.

Appearance:Anything below his neck in unknown,so the only thing you see is his hands and face.Nothing to report on there either

Sexual Preference:Unknown,but seems to be Straight.

Super Forms:Unlimited Rac,nothing changes except his gains a mysterious red aura that matches his eyes.

Teams:Team Dark Shine with Val and his familiars.

Number of Video Game Appearances:3. Video Game Appearances: Sonic Night:Mini-game Guide. Day-Time Sonic:Sonic's Tail-ring,Episode 3 only. and, The Twilight Sonic:Psychic at shop known as Mister Moon-shine and Final Boss and Unlock-able character in the lesson episodes:What's going on Rac... Other Info:He has been charged with watching over Mobius by it's creator,which he prefers to do while at home with his maid:Val and Butler:Morran.

Chao:None,he has no time for them,nor does he want to.

Notable Quotes

When annoyed and after he grabs Gie and starts throwing him,1.You'd do well to shut up.

After waking up,2.Val I require coffee.


While spying on someone,3.Well i'm impressed,this is entertaining.

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