"I was dragged into this hell for no reason"-Rally to Sonic the hedgehog


Nickname:Blue Moon




Allignment:Neutral [Evil at first]

Friends:Shadow. Rogue. Knuckles

Neutral:Sonic. Tails. Amy. Sliver

Hates:Eggman. Cream. Big. Fang


Weapons:Sliver dagger and longsword. Crossbow


"Fighting me will just make you weaker!"

"What the hell was that?"

"Looks good enough. Heres what I can do!"


I was a solider for Eggman. I was his second in command, I was known for my 0% mercy in combat, they all feared me. I also was the maker of a torture chamber. Killing the worthless fighters of this hell, my life all changed. When Eggman told me he was just using me to weak the fighters of light. I felt like my hurt was going to explode, "Well if your using me! Then you are just another one of those worthless people I hate!" I yelled to Eggman, "Fine. Be like that, guards! Bring him to the prison!" The guards crowded me, I feel my real power surging through me. I then turned every guard into steel "I am no longer a solider for your needs!" I yelled as I stormed out in a flash. Nobody knows what went on after that.

Special moves:

Steel protection:Rally turns into steel making him take less damage. But he becomes slow.

Crossbow mayhem:Rally jumps into the air and preforms a backflip. He then fires ten arrows. Followed by a lunge at the foe with his dagger.

Face on the floor:Rally smashes the foe's face on the ground and turns his boots into steel and falls on the foe, crushing them.

Powers with a chaos emereld

Blades of night:Rally spins around with his daggers and throws clone blades at the foe.

Steel form:Rally turns himself into a steel giant.

One. Two. And three:Rally stabs the foe. Then fires a crossbow arrow at them. Then knocks them down with a steel ball.

Game scenes

Sonic 1:Is seen in the green hill zone standing on top of a hill [Cameo]

Sonic and Mario at the Olympic winter games:Playable speed character

SSBB:Can be unlocked after beating classic mode with all characters/Playing 900 brawls [Final smash:Rally shoots hundreds of arrows and then steel punches the ground causing a mini-earthquake]

Sonic and Mario at the Olympic games:Is seen training in the pole jump [Cameo]

Sonic 2:A message after a game over pops up that says "Go ask Rally for some help." When Sonic reaches Rally. Rally is a hidden boss character