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Ramonna the Hedgehog

Ramonna is a seventeen-year old female Mobian hedgehog who is gifted with super-strength. She is a main character of Dimitri Chronicles, a series created by Chamesthehero. Introduced in Reign of Darkness, the first installment of the series, she is among the best athletes from Station Square and the most popular.

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Ramonna the Hedgehog by BlueBlurApple

Debuting in Oblivion of Shadows, this hedgehog is the current champion of the Station Square's local fighting tournament and later a member of Team Prinus, a team made to search for the Chaos Emeralds to stop Rikai's plans.

Well-known for her indomitable willpower, Ramonna is a hot-blooded and ambitious gal that has a massive heart, though sometimes such sensitive feelings are overshadowed by her dominant demeanor. On the other hand, she has gradually fallen for one of her most genuine best friends.

Character © to Chamesthehero/Lolcraft98/ProLuxray. In order of the usernames on Sonic Fanon Wiki, deviantART, and Youtube, respectively.

Physical Description

Ramonna is a light brown-colored hedgehog with tan-colored skin who boasts an average height. While her skin is not visible on her arms or hands, it exposed on other areas such as her torso and muzzle. Along with her long eyelashes and short tail, she also boasts beautiful hot pink-colored eyes. 

This hedgehog has a wild, short hairstyle that reaches down her shoulders, featuring lots of bangs. She also wears a black tank-top with green stripes, featuring some cleavage. Wearing black-colored tight shorts, she dresses black finger-less gloves with green hand-protections against blades, sport bracelets, and boots. 

When it comes to having an attractive figure, Ramonna is top-notch. Her shape, from her large chest, muscular legs, and sizable rear end, does attracts a lot of attention from the male crowd. 


Ramonna is a hot-blooded, warmhearted, and tomboyish female whose unwavering sense of independence and steadfast demeanor makes her always willing to stand up for what she believes in and who she cares about. While comparatively impulsive and somewhat rash, she is tremendously loyal to her friends, sometimes acting like a compassionate, strong older sister to many other people.  


Ramonna by MuteKitten

Known for her passion for sports, this hedgehog is a thrill-seeker that has confidence in her tremendous strength, and so she aims to challenge her limits and defeat strong opponents. For that reason alone, she never surrenders or backs down from a conflict, no matter how much the odds are against her. 

Despite her seemingly carefree demeanor, Ramonna is quite easy to provoke and has a short-temper. Whenever she is feeling disturbed or her blood starts to boil, she has no qualms expressing herself through harsh words or crude actions. This straightforward attitude makes her mood rather easy to read. 

Ramonna finds it difficult to express her honest feelings towards someone in particular, hence the reason most of her romantic advances are unintentionally very provocative. Her independent nature clashes with this genuine affection quite frequently, often making her confused about herself and what she truly feels. She does become flustered whenever this unexpectedly more feminine and sensitive side of her is acknowledged, however.  

History and Appearances

Main article: Ramonna the Hedgehog/History


Dimitri Chronicles: Reign of Darkness

Strengths and Powers

Ramonna the Hedgehog is, without a doubt, a fighter that battles for what she believes in. The well-known athlete of her school and the current champion of Station Square's fighting tournament, she is someone filled with the determination to succeed, challenge new foes, and bring other people together.

Gifted with tremendous power and talent, this female hedgehog is considered by many to be, within her continuity and in terms of brute strength, among the strongest people in Mobius. While she has gained plenty of experience from the competitions she participated in, currently, she still has much to learn.

Being an athlete, Ramonna boasts impressive coordination and acrobatic skill. Utilizing some parkour and performing back-flips are few of the things she is able to induce. Such coordination also allows her to brawl and defeat hordes of enemies coming from all directions at the same time. For example, she was once able to singlehandedly defeat her entire school, kinetics included, and still have energy to spare.

Ramonna the Hedgie

Ramonna by Dedusmuln

Being proficient in sports granted Ramonna superior management of her stamina. Coupled with her hot-blooded determination to achieve victory, it allows her to perform exhausting feats and outlast most people. Consequently, she always complains about other people not being able to keep up with her.

Using the martial arts she knows and the knowledge she obtained from practicing a whole range of sports, Ramonna often mixes her movements learned through sports with her combat-style, creating highly destructive techniques.

This hedgehog knows how to apply her skills she acquired in sports where they are needed in battles. Despite this, she often arrogantly does not dodge attacks considered weak to her, preferring to take them head-on to demoralize her foe and show off her sheer power.

Aside from her fighting, Ramonna prides herself in her cooking skills. With the right amount of ingredients at hand, this hedgehog is able to make healthy dishes, though her true specialty is making sweets. Not many people know about this skill and praising it is an effective way of pampering her.

While Ramonna's impulsive tendencies may make her unpredictable in combat, this genuine nature enables the hedgehog to be unintentionally charismatic and make people warm up to her, though her good figure might also be a factor. Boasting this positive aura allows Ramonna to be quite popular among people.

Despite being a force to be reckoned with, Ramonna does have her flaws. Her stamina, although enhanced due to being an athlete, has limits and so does her short temper. She is not the brightest, either. Aggravating her makes her decide to take a less strategic approach and her physical attacks have little to no range.

Ramonna's signature move is Indomitable Strike, which involves her charging her punch for about two seconds and striking a target hard enough to create combustion through sheer force. Concentrating her strength in a single place could lead the target to reach their melting point, though Ramonna is also damaged. The Indomitable Barrage involves her utilizing this technique multiple times in succession.

Supernatural Strength

Ramonna's trademark ability is her supernatural strength. Boasting tremendous amounts of sheer power, this hedgehog is capable of crushing, breaking through, and holding heavy structures numerous times her size. Her punches easily break through concrete and reinforced metal of almost any kind. Utilizing her skills in combination with her supernatural ability, she is considered to be a one-woman army powerhouse.

Ramonna the Hedgehog by SigmaAlphaThree

Ramonna the Hedgehog by SigmaAlphaThree

As direct strikes are able to harm colossal-sized creatures and significantly damage energy-generated barriers, naturally, the regular usage of Ramonna's strength is dangerous; even powerful beings with enhanced durability cannot withstand her concentrated brute blows head-on for too long when she is serious.

Ramonna can also use her environment to attack at long distances, though with more limitations. One can only wonder what kind of tremendous damage the impact of what she throws could generate on actual living creatures.

On the other hand, Ramonna also boasts incredible defensive capabilities. This hedgehog can endure about as much as she can dish out. Her monstrous durability allows her sponge physical damage done to her without breaking a sweat. While Ramonna bears no special resistance to elemental abilities, her great tolerance compensates for that, though it has limits; she can only endure them so much before the situation gets dangerous.

This female hedgehog, being an athlete, bears strong legs. Combined with her innate hedgehog speed, Ramonna is capable reaching speeds on foot significantly greater than the average athlete. Additionally, they allow her to jump higher than most and fall from high places without suffering almost any kind of damage.

While Ramonna considers herself to have mostly mastered her power, currently, her strength can become unstable whenever she is experiencing strong emotions. Her rushes of adrenaline from excitement or anger can make her super-strength skyrocket even further, though it becomes much harder for her to control.

Creation and Development

The concept of the character Ramonna came sometime after my first drawing tablet was given to me. During this time, Sonic fan-characters were something that were rare to find in the internet, so they were something particularly interesting for me to create and design. While drawing Sonic the Hedgehog, creativity took the better of me and my hand started to move on its own; changing colors and everything.  


Ramonna by KeyaraHedgehog09

Ramonna was the second female Sonic character to be created by me. Super-strength was the ability chosen for the character because of two reasons: for one, females are strong nowadays, both in personality and actual strength. The other one was because women are scary when angered. Personal experience

Since during her creation females were the hardest for me to write about, she was greatly neglected. It was only few years later that the character started to grow on me, and so I began developing her more seriously. Many aspects of the character were pleasant to write about, despite her design giving me headaches.

The character has received positive feedback from others, winning two highly valued web-awards. Particularly, her design garnered a lot of attention from both males and females alike, and such recognition became canon in my stories in more ways than one.

Relationships with Other Characters

Friends and Allies



Fun Facts

  • Ramonna's name comes from the uncommon variation of writing the name Ramona.
    • Even though not quite apparent, the pronunciation of the name remains the same. 
  • Ramonna's favorite season is Summer. 
  • Mira's antics with Ramonna in school are meant to invoke and spoof a particular trope.
    • This lead to the rise of their homosexual crack pairing.
      • In the crack pairing, despite her more assertive behavior, she would be the uke.

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