Ranim the Aardvark
 "Yo! fat dude! How do we get out of this maze? It's as long as you are fat! Ha ha ha!"  -
Ranim on the Flying Battery
  • ==Ranim the Aardvark==

Full Name: Ranim Carin Aarvac

Nicknames: Ranny, Nim, RCA, RC, Minar (codename)

Personality: eager to go, and is a little slow in the brain.

Clothing: Sneakers, white gloves, and a camo vest.

Allies: Herman the Kuati, Arty the Finch

Rivals: Pheonix the Jackal and Jack the Chao

Enemies: Wormy the Wormnik, Protageau Acri the Cat

Species: Aardvark/Mobian

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