Rayman The Hedgehog:

Description: Rayman is a male green hedgehog who is similar to Sonic and Shadow. His nickname is Ray, He comes from 200 years in the future like Silver. And it just so happens hes friends with him. his other


friend is Gizmo The Hedgehog. They came to Sonics time to live a peaceful life in Mobius, but Eggman Nega has different ideas...

Powers: Chaos Orb, Chaos Orb, Spin Dash, Force Field (Works with 100 rings only) and most powerful attack Spin Blast

Enemy: Eggman Nega


Rayman can only go super with the 7 Chaos Emeralds and 50 Rings or over. Like Sonic and Shadow, He can only go super for a limited amout of time. His apperance changes though. His fur dye goes Red and eyes go Yellow. His jeans get ripped and his shoes become Green.At this state, His is invincible, and his powers pwer get increased. Nobody would liked to get Spin Blasted when hes like this...


The first sprites made for Rayman The Hedgehog.


Super Rayman The Hedgehog.