Raymond the echidna
Suika's Theme - Onigashima in the Fairyland ~ Missing Power06:38

Suika's Theme - Onigashima in the Fairyland ~ Missing Power

Golden City Factory - 御伽の国の鬼が島 ~ Missing Power05:07

Golden City Factory - 御伽の国の鬼が島 ~ Missing Power

Raymond's Boss theme in sonic chronicles 1 and 2 (Villan's story boss only)

Stay safe, Stay alert, and WHATEVER you do... Don't surrender -Raymond the Echidna; Sonic Chronicles 1

Raymond the Echidna

The head leader of the Freedom Fighters X.D, (I'm not talking about sally acorn and her friends) These guys are the protectors of the Kei dimension and wish to take revenge on Eggman for killing the King and Queen from failed robot attempts, they felt bad for the princess, Epona Skytal, and didn't want her to take revenge alone.


Not much is to be said here because he doesn't want to talk about most of his past, but he does tell us stories about him being in a MMA League, and that he was top fighter. But he did in fact have 1 weakness, it was the love of his life, Megs the Rabbit. He would do anything for her, even meaning his life just to protect her from any dangers. And no, he doesn't go overboard with it...

Other info

Name: Raymond Yukiva Age: 17 Weight: 91 Ibs Height: 3.5 Occupation: Freedom fighters X.D Alignment: Good Fav food: Steak Likes: Action movies, friendship

   Dislikes: Annoying people with weird fetishes, like Crimson the Chameleon and his weird deer fetish.    Speed: Med   Power: Med-High  Intelligence: Average  Theme song: the Video above!


  Earthquake (works on Rock and Metal)
  Master Spark (Only works with Meg's Music abilities, and can work once every 5 min.)
  MMA abilities

Friends and Rivals

Rivals: Eggman Bokkun Fi the fairy mutant robot Mystia the Bat(they hate each other for some reason)

Neutrals: Crimson   Dusk(he doesn't trust him because he's a demon, and demons tend to freak out outside the Underworlds)  Jessica the Cat   Marine(he finds her a bit annoying)

Friends: Sonic (He released him from eggman's prison in the story) KNUCKLES! Megs Vector Epona Samantha Shadow Maria Robotnik Silver Blaze Tails Cream Espio Charmy Amy Rose Crystal Sailius Ty Cameron


Tough, Confident, Loyal, and usually forgives over a long freaking apology...

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