Reborn the Demonhound

"The crow seems to believe me, mistress. Why can't you?"

Reborn the Demonhound (otherwise known as 'Hellhound') is a mobian who was created for one purpose; Serve his mistress.

The said mobian is cold, calulated and only shows emotion on occasions.

He lived for about 18 to 20 years, time he used to wait for her awakening. As his name implies, Reborn never dies. When he does, he come back after a month as an infant and takes up to 2 whole years to be back to his regular form. Plus, he can only live if his mistress still breathes.

Reborn's wings are impenetrable, which he uses as shields, though some powers overcome the protection. Aside from this, he can hypnotize those who has low power (including people who are asleep, defenseless or too weak to stand) but could do no more than telepathy or hallucinations to those above.

Reborn also gained the power to seperate himself into 2 beings; one full of positive traits, and one negative.

'If he dies in that form, he will be reborn as 2 separate infants. His memories don't disappear when being reborn. 'Though if he matures while being split into his two persona's, his regular form's growing goes unnoticed.

He had died 3 times before, so he had missed out on things. Up to now, he is naive of the technological world and quite confused on how much things have changed since his last becoming. He had also learned that his mistress had already been awakened from her fiery slumber, but her aura was fading.

Reborn then took a big risk. He followed her ceasing energy and found a local highschool building. Of course, he was baffled. "Why is her energy heading this way? Is this her headquarters?" He thought at the time. He found out that his mistress knows nothing of her purpose, of the bond, of the mark, of her creator and of him. So, he had to force her memories to withdrawl, one way or another.

As the MHSHL happenings begin to take place, Reborn took a disguise to occupy alibi from one of the students. Little does he know that what he is up to may leave to both his and his mistress' demise.

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