Theme Song:[[ Dragonball Z Kai Song ]] Good:

Red the hedgehog

Mira the fox

Sonic the hedgehog

Amy Rose

Tammy the hedgehog

Knuckles the echidna

Naruto Uzamaki

Sakura Haruno



Rev the hedgehog



Sasuke Uchia

Chapter 1:How it all Began

~On Angel Island~

I swear i can't get one moment to my self without these damn altercations with the emeralds. I grumbled. I plopped down on the green grass, and layed on my back. Mira knelt down beside me.What's wrong with you? she asked. They really want us here?! I mean, c'mon on mira. We have a kingdom to withold! I said. Mira let out a heavy sigh and stood on her legs.When he away, he wants to be there. When he is there, he wants leave. she thought, she made her way to the alter where the master emerald was held. I was there seconds later.

What's going on? I asked tails. I dunno, knuckles said that the master emerald has been glowing like this for some quite time now. He explained. He was pressing buttons rapidly on some hand-held machine. I reached my hand out to touch it. See if i could see what's happening.Don't touch it! tails yelled. I did any way. It glowed so bright it almost blinded us. Suddenly, We were spinning in some weird spiral of colors.

Hidden Leaf Arrival

When it all happened, we found our selves in some weird village.Okay, What Just happened?! I asked. You just altered the space and time continuim cuasing, a small sonic boom, as you would call it, making us end up in another dimension! 'Ooops! Eh Heh, my bad!