"I am the Red Terror "
Red Terror the Hedgechidna

Red Terror the Hedgechidna

Biographical Information


  • N/A
  • 20


  • Pink Blood the Hedgehog (future wife)
  • Dark Killer (brother)


  • Exodus
  • The Red Terror
  • The Blood Guy
  • The Metalizer
  • Red
  • Terror
  • Piranha

Romantic Interests

  • Pink Blood the Hedgehog (future wife)
  • NICOLE (at first, when he was Outrage)

Physical Description






  • Skin: Red
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Yellow


  • T-shirt, spiked necklace, bracelets and shoes, shorts, wristbands

Political Alignment and Abilities


Good (before, he was Neutral)


The Pink Blood Kingdom (future king)




  • Expert in close combat
  • Super strengh
  • Super speed
  • Teleportation
  • Regeneration

Other Information

Theme song

Exodus - Bonded By Blood03:47

Exodus - Bonded By Blood


Original Creator

JCE inc.

History and description Edit


When Outrag returned from the cold stone creamery , he didnt want to remember anything about his past job. He was founded by the princess Pink Floyd from the Pink Floyd Kingdom. They was in love and they became into boyfriends. Later, eating the first boyfriend of Pink Floyd  started a war against the Pink Floyd Kingdom and wants to kill Pink Floyd. Red Terror doesn't killed him and Warking and he becames good. One day Red Terror met Ax-Hell and he told to him about his past job. Red Terror loves his new job and never will return to be frycook.

Relationships Edit


Pink Blood the Hedgehog

Dave the Hedgehog (best friend)

Warking the Hedgehog

The Soul Krushers


Mark "Extreme" the Hedgehog and all the Kreators

Allies Edit

The Kingdom

Shadus the Hedgehog (possible Frycook)

Rivals Edit

Warking the Hedgehog (at last job)

Venom the Hedgehog Rival Cleaner

Enemies Edit

Farting the Hedgehog


Belphegor the Hedgehog

Romance Edit

Pink Blood the Hedgehog (girlfriend)

NICOLE (first girlfriend before afterlife)

Personality Edit

Red Terror is less violent than he was Outrage and a he is Metalhead. You could say that when Outrage resurrected, he was purified and his memory was erased completely.

Likes Edit

  • Exodus (his favourite band)
  • Thrash Metal
  • Pink Blood the Hedgehog
  • Stay with friends
  • Weapons
  • Videogames


  • Warking the Hedgehog (in the beginning)
  • Dr. Eggman

Techniques & Abilities Edit

Super Red Terror

Quotes Edit

"I don't know who I am"

"I can't remember anything"

"We are bonded by blood"

"I am Abomination"

"Can I teach you a lesson in violence"

Trivia Edit

Red Terror the Hedgechidna was Outrage "Slasher" the hedgechidna.

Gallery Edit

  • Red Terror's new look
  • Red Terror and Pink Blood by Emeraldgreeny

Theme songs Edit

Exodus - I Am Abomination03:27

Exodus - I Am Abomination

Exodus - Piranha03:50

Exodus - Piranha

Exodus - A Lesson In Violence03:54

Exodus - A Lesson In Violence

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